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★ = a good entry point to the album
★★ = a veritable eureka
★★★ = o lord thou pluckest me out

  1. A Bad Diana* - The Lights Are On But No-One's Home

    7 For Sale from $9.36

    ★ Mirage Man
    ★ Notes from the Underground to a Crazy Girl
    ★★ Chant D'Amour / Da Mort

    how can this world be even MORE beautiful?

  2. Various - A Bead To A Small Mouth

    ★ Chapter and Verse [Mother Tongue]

  3. A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

    2 For Sale from $390.62

    ★ An Addict of Time

    Belgian coldwave band featured on the "Hours" compilation. Active 1981-1983.

  4. A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

    ★ Means to an End
    ★ Through with Life (demo version)

    Distinct release, despite the same name.

  5. A Broken Consort - Box Of Birch

    ★ A Sundering Path
    ★ The Elder Lie

    drone-classical project of Richard Skelton. buy his albums digitally here:

  6. A C. Marias A C.* - Drop / So

    4 For Sale from $25.94

    ★★ So

    Find Angela Conway working alongside members of Wire in the musical projects "P'o" and "He Said".

  7. A Certain Ratio - The Graveyard And The Ballroom

    ★ Faceless
    ★ Choir
    ★ The Fox

  8. A Craze - Wearing Your Jumper

    3 For Sale from $26.03

    ★ Dub, But Not Mute
    ★ Keeping the Boys Amused (appears on '96 CD version)

  9. A Gethsémani* - Ame Triste

    ★★ Impressions
    ★ Carroussel

    think Popol Vuh fronted by Robert Smith, but more French!

  10. A Handful Of Dust - Concord

    4 For Sale from $18.75

    ★ Truth's Golden Harrow

  11. A Handful Of Dust - Spiritual Libertines

    1 For Sale from $34.00

    ★ The Second Dance in Honor of the Sabbatai Sevi
    ★ The Oneness of Adam Qadmon

  12. A Handful Of Dust - Topology Of A Phantom City

    ★ City of the Sun
    ★ City of God/Negative Jerusalem

    Russell on guitar, Galbraith on violin, Stapleton on drums/synths

  13. A Haunted Sawmill - The Dance Of Death... (The Fear Of Your Life)

    ★ The Dance of Death... (The Fear of Your Life)

  14. A Mouse Orchestra - A Lump In Your Throat

    ★ A Lump in Your Throat Pt. 2

    H.N.A.S. and Organum side project, and a surprisingly whimsical one at that.

  15. A Produce - Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo

    ★ Speaking in Tongues
    ★ Rousseau's Jungle

  16. A Produce - Land Of A Thousand Trances

    ★ Land of a Thousand Trances
    ★ The Dreaming Room