By fznamznon
updated over 5 years ago

Just a list of mostly underground artists Fznamznon wants to keep an eye on.

  1. A weird experimental IDM band.

  2. An "alternative metal" collective with some music that is or can be seen as engaging to some people maybe

  3. Cozy ambient/instrumental/classical-ish music in the vein of Stars of the Lid

  4. a self-professed lord of trap, which is itself a subgenre/"sound" of hip hop

  5. atmospheric, glitchy IDM shooting for the cyberpunk vibe

  6. Badass sludge / stoner doom band with similarly badass female vocals

  7. Funky, juicy, spacey IDM. Really nice synths and percussion, and strings, and everything.

  8. indie rock attitude meets underground hip hop to hilarious results

  9. 12
  10. 23
  11. 25