hp's top 100 Italo Disco dudes ! Count down too fun time..

By henrypercy henrypercy
updated 25 days ago

  1. Canton (2) - Sleepwalking

    4 For Sale from $14.44

    Stunning romantic ballad. The transition from Evita to this on FD Hot Italo Nights mix is a favourite moment. This song actually has decent lyrics too.

  2. Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven

    6 For Sale from $32.11

    Super powerful anthem!

  3. Klaudia - For Your Love

    18 For Sale from $1.67

    P & P Micioni, cool CAT Records.

  4. My Mine - Hypnotic Tango

    28 For Sale from $5.00

    I've overplayed this one, but classic status is undeniable. Has all the ingredients for typical Italo goofiness/bad-assery

  5. Wish Key - Easy Way

    18 For Sale from $4.44

    Hypnogogic italo - check out those synths especially on Instrumental dub. "Magic confusion in my brain.." sums it up

  6. Riccardo Cioni - Arizona

    24 For Sale from $3.32

    Another, similar vibe for me to the above. Check the vid of Cioni in his dressing gown singing this song. DJ Full Time!

  7. Valerie Dore - It's So Easy

    My fav of the 1st 3 singles

  8. Martinelli - Victoria

    24 For Sale from $2.22

    Amazing late period single. Goofy cover to boot.

  9. Wish Key - Orient Express

    15 For Sale from $13.33

    Another to sum up the genre. Great to play in the club, super fun.

  10. Cleo* - Eyes

    6 For Sale from $20.00