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  1. Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

    Some bands find their style and sound right from the start, the mighty Priestmachine did not.
    This record sounds like a band searching for an identity, without any real direction.
    Obviously inspired by the english hard rock/prog/metal bands breaking through a few years earlier,
    but without succeeding in neither copying them or reinventing the genere.
    Really just a big bowl of insecurity and naivety.
    They still had a long way to go in terms of both songwriting and performance,
    but the band themselves claimes that the production of Mr. Rodger Bain
    (responsible for the first Sabbath records) did a lot of harm to this record,
    they didn't even like the albumcover very much.
    That being said - it still has a great deal of charm which helps it in a big way,
    and the long time fan should anyway find interest in seeing the premature birth of the all time best heavy metal band since the invention of sliced bread.
    Best suited for they who crave the charming sound of the 70s + the dedicated fan who wants to consume everything and all that is Priest.
    (funny fact is that this albumcover was originally supposed to be used for Rolling Stones` "Goats head soup")
    Even though the production might not have portrayed what the boys wanted to show the world with their first effort, it still isn't quite good enough songwise.

  2. Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny

    Second coming and a giantly HUGE step up from Rocka Rolla in every way.
    Maybe the biggest leap in history of heavy rock when it comes to quality-difference between first and second release.
    This is the record where they found a big part of their sound, all though it took another year or two before it was all in place. The songs are strong and creative,
    and production wise its also holds high standards for the time,
    and the most perfect example is "the ripper" which has a indescribably atmospheric feel to it.
    Rob is the one thats shines the most on this record, and a couple of these songs containe high register vocal performances that even crushes Ian Gillian`s performance on "child in time" that may have been the benchmark up to that point.
    Perhaps the most influential Priest record of them all, and a lot of the stars that would emerge a couple of years later would list this among their top 10.
    Released in the same time as punk broke through and the older hard rock generation wined down, it didn't create any big buz by the time, but if it weren't for this record and the other priest releases in the mid to late 70s keeping metal alive, there would never have been a heavy metal scene as we know it today.
    We should all be pouring huge amounts of admiration and respect all over this one.
    Off course this makes the top 10.

  3. Judas Priest - Sin After Sin

    Taking the solid foundation created on "sad wings" and adding more intensity, speed and aggression, would result in a record that definitely saw them carving a new path through the landscape of heavy metal. An album that shows a lot of variety, mostly in a good way.
    Mr.Glover of Deep Purple does an ok production job, although a bit dull sounding,
    but i guess anybody would have difficulties trying to make this new type of metal come full force through the speakers, especially with pre-thrashers like "dissident aggressor" which is a masterpiece for the ages.
    Not of their very best from start to beginning, but very essential in the development of the classic priest sound, and with several really strong tracks like "sinner", "diamonds and rust", "starbreaker" and the aforementioned "dissident agressor".
    It might make The top 10, but Then again it might not.

  4. Judas Priest - Stained Class

    Taking the solid foundation created on "sad wings" and adding more intensity, speed and aggression, would result in a record that definitely saw them carving a new path through the landscape of heavy metal. An album that shows a lot of variety, mostly in a good way.
    Mr.Glover of Deep Purple does an ok production job, although a bit dull sounding,
    but i guess anybody would have difficulties trying to make this new type of metal come full force through the speakers, especially with pre-thrashers like "dissident aggressor" which is a masterpiece for the ages.
    Not of their very best from start to finish, but very essential in the development of the classic priest sound, and with several really strong tracks like "sinner", "diamonds and rust", "starbreaker" and the aforementioned "dissident agressor".

  5. Judas Priest - Killing Machine

    70s metal sounding as good as it could be, and yes, even better than Stained Class.
    A bit more simplistic than their previous efforts but with more punch, power and groove.
    Many will put stained class above this because it had more speed and was more influential,
    but the production and sound in general is ten times as good on this one, and a lot more diverse record all together.
    Yes, there are some parts here and there that sounds a bit weird or maybe a bit too jolly, but that is easily forgiven, cuz just "delivering the goods" & "hell bent for leather" alone is so unbelievable perfect that it makes this another Master-Priest-piece like very few others.
    There is also another dimension to Rob`s vocals on this one, where he uses a lot more mid-range than he had done previous to this record, and that combined with the trademark high-pict screams, makes this album one of his very finest hours.
    Sadly this was the second and last album with Les banks on drums, who did an excellent job.
    Pay also attention to tracks like killing machine, burning up, running wild and the gorgeous balad Before The dawn.
    Ranked among the top 5

  6. Judas Priest - British Steel

    Stripped down and straight to the point,
    backed up with one of the most iconic album covers of mankind.
    A superclassic that hasn't even got one bad riff, but still, it will hardly make the top 5.
    It very easily could be nr.1 if i would rank this from the view of a newborn young fan thats looking for simplistic catchy metal tunes thats easy to get into, but looking from the perspective of a dedicated longtime fan, this record doesn't get as much playtime as many of the others.
    Off course it could be related to the fact that this is the most represented record in their live sets, and even on rock radio, so therefore we get feed regularly with many of these rock hard classics. There is definitely much more to this than Living after midnight and breaking the law, but not as much more as many of the other albums.
    Extremely essential in many ways and the one that put them on the world wide map.
    Every new fan should start out with this one and work their way through the others.

  7. Judas Priest - Point Of Entry

    AOR Metal that works a lot better than it got credit for.
    Yes a bit nicer type of Priest than we are used to, but i say it again, as long as different is done well, then welcome different. It takes time to get used to some of these song,
    but you will discover that it absolutely has a lot of interesting melodies to offer.
    Weak spots there absolutely are, and a song like "you say yes" is so absurd that one doesn't know wether to laugh or cry, but the jolliness of it makes you forgive it in a way.
    This is one of the records a long time fan should praise and appreciate, because its one of the few albums that stray away from the path and makes the priest discography extra colorful, without dragging it down.
    This is to be found within the top 10.

  8. Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance

    ...No one was safe from the Hellion as it uttered its battle cry...screaming for vengeance.....
    Kicks of with the greatest album-intro known to any metalrockin man,
    and the goosebumps doesn't stop there.
    Their biggest selling album to date and very understandably so.
    Released the same year as "Number of the beast" and heavy metal was exploding by that time, so this was the perfect timing for metal classics like "electric eye" & "another thing commin", which became their biggest hit in the US.
    It has a very charismatic production that is best described as "razor sharp & electric", and that fits like a glove in this setting. The Hellion on the front results in their very best albumcover,
    and if there was a thing called metal-art, then this would be the "mona lisa" of that category.
    "Pain and pleasure" is not weak, but its the only track cheating this record form being just another flawless piece of perfectness.
    One of the best.

  9. Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith

    An 80s metal album couldn't be more than this.
    If there ever was an 11 of of 10, this would be Mr.Eleven.
    You couldn't pick a more perfect collection of songs to deserve this album title,
    cuz nothing could ever defend the heavy metal faith in a more respectful way than this.
    As it reads on the back of the cover:
    "Only those who keep the faith shall escape the wrath of the Metallian - Master of all Metal"
    ....and master of all metal it absolutely is.
    Some will claim that the last tracks aren't as strong as the rest, but they are wrong.
    This is just an avalanche of catchy metal tunes, and not until "night comes down" slows it all down in a perfectly balanced way (after being knocked out with seven-in-a-row hard hitting metal wonders),
    can you breathe for a moment before it all goes out in a blast with a heavy-marching singalong anthem that gives a phenomenal outtro to end off a phenomenal record.
    As well as their technical skills constantly developed for each album, K.K & Glenn also reaches another level on this effort in terms of melodic solo work and harmonies.
    "The Sentinel" is a song that over the years have gotten a good deal of credit but it actually deserves even much more, because it might be the best heavy metal song ever written,
    at least of the 80s.
    Defenders is bursting out of every scale.
    This album is so high on the rank that it has to use binoculars to see down to second best.
    Master of all Metal.

  10. Judas Priest - Turbo

    One of the most controversial albums they made, and comming right after "Defenders", it really was a big turn. But was it all for the worse? Hell no.
    This albums screams of summer and sun, pools and umbrella-drinks, and what is the matter with that as long as it was just for this one time, and as long as it works within those frames?
    Maybe they figured they could never top the last record anyway, so why not try something new? ..That being the new sound of the L.A scene with a more soft edge and including synthesizers. I respect any artist who wants to try something new, as long as they do it with quality. Even if they sat their goal of matching the success of the likes of Def Leppard and others, it was always bound to end up 10 times more edgy and metallic that any of the other bands of that genere, just plainly because they are who they are and Rob have a hell of a lot more balls to his vocals then the rest of those bands.
    Just the beautiful "Out in the cold" is a 6 minute long goose-bump in it self, then you have straight forward metal-catchiness in the title track and "locked in", and the album ends of with "Reckless" which is the most uplifting and good spirited piece of music they ever made.
    Ok there are a couple of songs here that we all must agree is a bit cheesy,
    but as long as they're catchy, it really doesn't matter that much. Give them a little break and start preciating this Glam-Gem.
    There should be no summer-vacation without it!
    Without question among the top 10 just for the joyability alone.

  11. Judas Priest - Ram It Down

    Most of the glammy pop-wibes of "Turbo" was all shaved off and the Priestmachine was back harder and faster than ever before, and that would seem to be what the real fans wanted,
    but sadly it didn't bring them back on top like predicted.
    One thing could be the sound, cuz the fact that drum-machines was used on most of the record gives it a very mechanical and less organic feel. Another thing could be that the hardcore fans they had lost during turbo, was now moving on to other styles of music like the new thrash movement, and the new type of fans they had gained with turbo would be left in the doorway just after hearing the first furious 30 seconds of the first track.
    For the first time since the early beginning they seem a bit disoriented and insecure about the direction of the sound, and it has some mediocre tracks along the way,
    but despite all this,
    they manage to make most of the tracks enjoyable in their own unique way.
    The title track, "blood red skies" and the totally forgotten golden gem by the name of "hard as iron" is so catchy that you will actually preciate of a couple of semi-decent rebound tracks in between just to get your head straight.
    Ram it down Definitely saw them building up to the next level, and its a shame that Scott Travis wasn't in for the ride a couple of years earlier so he could have handled the battery on this recording session.
    This album would likely make the top 10.

  12. Judas Priest - Painkiller

    Another perfectly crafted metal masterpiece that put and end to an era in many ways,
    and left them hanging on a high and furious note as never before.
    Not a single bad song, not a single bad moment even, combined with an armstrong production from Mr. Tsangaries makes this on of the best metal records ever released.
    As with "Ram it down", it could be perceived at first as a bit too stale and actually a bit too "metal" for the fan who prefers the earlier stages of the band, but willing to accept this cleaner type of sound, this will pay off in a big way.
    Biggest difference is new drummer Scott Travis thats undeniably doing a much better job than Dave Holland was during the 80s, and makes them able to go faster end more intense, which was absolutely neccesary for this album. (if only he could have stepped in a couple of years before to join "Ram it down" sessions...)
    Even if a lot of the genere seemed to change pace around that time, i think this was the most influential record they had made for almost a decade, and a lot of other artists jumped on to this hellrider-type of speedmetal style in its aftermath.
    Allthough impossible to beat "Defenders", this LP might come as close as no one else.

  13. Judas Priest - Jugulator

    Seven years it took before they were back after Painkiller, and by 1997 times had changed and many metal fans had forgotten all about the birmingham boys.
    Not only that, but there was also a new kid in town by the name of Ripper Owens.
    Despite all that, this is a solid release that with time have gotten more respect than it got back in the late 90s, but what album could ever live up to the expectations that people had after consuming the last effort called Painkiller? And with 7 years past without any new material from the boys, that only added to the expectations.
    So clearly no album could fill those shoes, but despite the era, despite having a brand new singer, and despite being known for a type of metal that was everything but "hip" at the time, this is a really good effort.
    Lyrically it is not strong at all, but with the pipes of Tim Ripper Owens, you just dont need good lyrics. They could never have found a more worthy replacement for Rob,
    and he does everything he can to make these songs as good as they can be.
    Even though, there are a couple of tracks here that are forgotten before you have heard half of them, f.ex "..........", but it definitely has moments that has to be experienced.
    The title track and "death row" are good examples of 90s Ripper-Priest sounding as good as priest ever could be without Rob onboard.
    Many have come to realize that this LP is way better than it earlier got credit for, and rightfully so. Undoubtedly the heaviest album they will ever make.

  14. Judas Priest - Demolition

    The second and last effort with Ripper on vocals actually has much of the same flaws as Rocka Rolla. It lacks direction and shows an insecurity of a band that doesn't really know what path to choose, so they try to walk several different ones at the same time.
    A collage of different music-styles within one record is rarely a good move.
    Had they only stayed with the thrashy heavy metal style shown on Jugulator, at least we could have been left with another decent Ripper-album to look back on and enjoy,
    but this will for ever go down as the most dated album they ever made i think,
    trying to incorporate the still trendy Nu-Metal sound into some of the songs, among other styles. Perhaps the mediocre success of Jugular made them try to improve the sound,
    but i still say it would have been better with just another album sounding like the predecessor.
    Not without highlights by all means, so its worth exploring,
    but in a discography that puts all other discographies to shame,
    this is one of the very weakest in their catalog.

  15. Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution

    The Priest was back and Rob was in the sadle again, where he belonged.
    AOR was a good way to show the world that the Priestmachine was all fired up again,
    and it definitely has got many highs, but it also got some lows out of the ordinary.
    The highs being songs like Hell Rider, Demonizer, the beautiful Angel and least but not last Deal with the devil, which is one of the very best tunes they have made post-painkiller.
    The lows being Revolution (which they for a remarkable strange reason choosed to release as a single, even though it doesn't even really sound like a Priest song) and the way-too-long and sloppy "Loch Ness". Clocking in at over 13 minutes makes this one of the dullest songs they have ever created, and the fact that the pre-chorus/chorus actually is pretty good doesn't help much when the remaining 12 minutes of the song is pure boredom.
    But all in all this is most definitely a solid comeback-release from the boys that by then were in their mid 50s.

  16. Judas Priest - Nostradamus

    Nostradamus will go down as the most diverse record in Priestory.
    On the one hand you got the longtime fans craving for some more of the bold steps priest have taken along the way that makes us preciate them above their peers.
    For us, this is pure gold.
    On the other hand you got the fans wanting just another Painkiller or some predictable collection of straight forward heavy metal classics, for them this must be pure suffering.
    Except from maybe "Revelations" and one or two more there is really no songs here that could have been placed onto some of their other records without sounding totally malplaced.
    Nostradamus is a record that demands that you spend some time on it,
    not something you blast away for 4 minutes and then onto something else.
    They who surrender to it fully and gives it all the time it deserves
    will be taken on a beautiful journey that is both unexpected and exciting.
    Nostradamus is indeed a closed up gem that guaranteed will continue to gain more respect as time goes by.

  17. Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls

    Redeemer of souls was Priest back on the main road again, with loads of solid songs in the holster, but sadly somewhat ruined by a production that sounds hollow and unfinished.
    Not that a bad production alone should bring down an album, but one cannot overlook this issue that holds it back from being all it could have been.
    The only positive thing about this production is that no other record sounds like this, so you could say it actually stands out among all the other "over-perfectly" sounding metal albums of these times.
    Song by song this is a well crafted album, with many gems on the way.
    Redeemer of souls, March of the damned, Halls of Valhalla, and Battle Cry are good examples of high quality Priest material. What differs this album to all the other records since the early beginning is the blues wibes that is present here and there throughout the album. The blues is also the main ingredient in the track by the name of Crossroads, which is one of the poorest songs they have released with Rob.
    (That song should belong on the bonus disc, where the standard of the other 5 songs is about the same low level.)
    Redeemer is everything a fan could want and expect from Priest by this point, and had it been produced better, it could even have been more.

  18. Judas Priest - Firepower

    44 years has past since Rocka Rolla came rocking into the world,
    and i am pretty sure this has to be some kind of world record.
    I can't think of any other rock band i history that has released something this good and relevant so many years down the line.
    From a songwriting perspective it has pretty much the same formula as Redeemer,
    but production wise its a totally different world.
    This sounds like everything Redeemer didn't. Huge, big, powerful and punchy.
    Some might even say its sounds "too perfect", but the majority of fans will praise it up to the heavens and regard this as the best sounding album since painkiller.
    With only 1 or 2 semi-weak tracks on an album with 14 songs, this is better work than none could ever dream of after 44 years. They sound as inspired and energetic as 17 year old teenagers, and they have once again raised the bar for how classic heavy metal should sound like in 2018. Criticism does not come easy when listening to this, but one could say that this type of production makes some of these tracks sound a bit more generic (generic in the form that they sound a bit like the newer bands that was inspired by priest to begin with) that what they normally do, but that actually doesn't matter when it is delivered and performed like this. Once again they have managed to do something that others can't follow, and even if its not as inventive as their early years, its pretty fucking impressive.
    All hats off to the best heavy metalers in the hole damn solar system.
    Top Tracks = Firepower, Rising from Ruins
    Weakest tracks = Lone Wolf