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  1. Belgian label located in Brussels, Belgium. It was launched in 1992, founded by Guy Segers and Alan Ward. Their catalog covered modern to avant-guard jazz, experimental, progressive rock, world music. They ceased activity around 2007.

  2. amt. 17 releases, basically checked em all

  3. experimental drone etc

  4. experimental rock

  5. ...zeuhl.
    prog psych

  6. industrial, noise, experimental, violent to confusing but calm

  7. tape exchange, defunct, has a newer thing not tape based
    experimental ambient

  8. Mason Jones, Subarachnoid Space, -es experimental label

  9. ambient, industrial, experimental, old

  10. Colin Marston, pretty metal

  11. noise, drone, industrial, meat products generally speaking

  12. drone

  13. 13

    experimental and ambient

  14. 14

    john zorn jazz noise

  15. drone, noise, neofolk, etc

  16. 16


  17. oms label

  18. experimental

  19. experimental, psych, henry cow

  20. 20


  21. Waerloga Records is a Swedish label / mailorder / distributor focusing on Cinematic music and most of all inspired in some way with Dark Fantasy, history or Sci-fi.
    Created in 2001 the label was first focused on Za Frûmi alone. That later on evolved and today Waerloga Records have released almost 50 bands.

  22. Italian label specializing in ambient, noise, industrial, and power electronics since the late 1980s. Run by Rodolfo Protti alias Rudy (2).

  23. Tombed Visions is a Manchester based cassette label specialising in sound art, ambient music, experimental electronics and improvisation and aims to showcase the fringes of contemporary independent music. All releases are limited edition and packaged with care, combining a love of graphic design, photography, typography with the wondrous sounds released. Owned and run by David Andrew McLean.

  24. Label run by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Maxwell August Croy
    drone, noise, experimental

  25. US label with lots of guitarwork going into experimental and strange ambient directions. Founded by Wayne Rogers, who also ran the store of the same name in Cambridge, MA with his wife Kate Biggar until the store's closing on July 25, 2010.