my top 150 industrial rock and industrial metal albums

By wtiidavid wtiidavid
updated over 5 years ago

Well with these "top 100 industrial____" lists going around I thought I would also jump in and try one of my own. What I found out is that this was a lot harder than expected and top 100 turned into top 108 which turned into top 117 which of course turned into top 125 (130). By no means is this a "definitive" list and while many factors were taken into account it really just came down to how much I enjoy each of these albums and the influence/affect that they have had on me. You'll find everything from "Industrial rock, metal, pop, grindcore, nu metal, and coldwave on these lists. Basically anything that uses drum machines, samplers, synths,triggers etc etc along with guitars were fair game in my book while assembling this list. I'm sure some of these are "controversial" but who knows, maybe they will inspire some spins for you this week.