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By NiC0t33
updated over 4 years ago

This list it´s not really a top, it´s just all the stuff that i really like or most of it. It´s just a preview of my 2017´s Top. I´m working on it. I will post it on mid-december. If you have any question, doubt, or just want to say hello. You can send me an email to say hi. It´s nice to know about u.

Out of discogs:

- HUSH HUSH presents: the holy teachings and holy gospel of four on the floor beats vol. 2 [House Lofi Disco]++FREE @ BC++
- Robert Mycer- Rave Like it´s 92 [Traum144] [Digital] [deeptech]
- John Patter - Noche Santo (Shara Music 004)
- Win2Win (Lauer&Marmarella)
- Rounds - We´ve met before [Alternative, Beats]
- DWSON - MORE OF YOU EP Free Ep here.
Adam Moda - Time for Change [432hz] [DIGITAL] Inertia Audio.
Complete album with a lot of different stuff. The main, dance where you can!
++FREE @ BC++ (Free at bandcamp means that the artist brings the music without cost, but if you like it, or u are going to use it, PLEASE REMIND it and pay for it, directly to him)

  1. 2 For Sale from $14.52


  2. 7 For Sale from $6.44

  3. 12 For Sale from $5.38

    One of the best and eclectic songs of the year. √

  4. 29 For Sale from $7.52

    Not the best EP Last Heard: 19/09/17 √

  5. Nice & Different EP from Piek. √

  6. 19 For Sale from $3.23

  7. 11 For Sale from $14.26

    Nice housy ep √

  8. 10 For Sale from $8.22

    REally good work. √

  9. 11 For Sale from $13.44

    Not the best Waxtefacts.√

  10. 2 For Sale from $100.00

    Waiting a lot for this issue. Now don´t like.√

  11. 15 For Sale from $6.95

    √ A1 B1

  12. 23 For Sale from $10.75