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80s Underground Compilation Album Majima4G Majima4G

about 1 hour ago
Famous albums never issued in Spain ksdfjsldfj ksdfjsldfj

about 4 hours ago
CD DF AnalogArtifact AnalogArtifact

about 5 hours ago
Still missing SirWinston SirWinston

Vinyl ofc

about 5 hours ago
Wish List Vinyl and CD Birthday 2022 vvmax vvmax

about 7 hours ago
Mijn Belgische Platencollectie (2) J24 J24

This is my Belgian 7" single record collection. I collect them in Flemish,Dutch,English & French spanning from (1964-1989) in all different types...

about 9 hours ago

about 12 hours ago
Farfars 2 m.m. PontusPH PontusPH

about 19 hours ago
Blaxploitation soundtracks only released on 45 esus9 esus9

about 24 hours ago
Favorite Blues Artists floyd3rd42 floyd3rd42

Some of my all time favorite blues artist albums in no particular order.

1 day ago
💫Trance💫 julitech julitech

Favorite trance.

1 day ago
Sheep LDBennison LDBennison

1 day ago
Kosmische Recommendations ericwinnert ericwinnert

a list of all the albums that have been recommened to me on the discogs forum thread...

1 day ago
Deutsche-Elektronische-Musik-4 Disk 2 ericwinnert ericwinnert

Original releases

1 day ago
All the incredible records I currently possess Slifer102 Slifer102

1 day ago
Summerhome Collection mikewhalen108 mikewhalen108

Ordered by Location on the Rack

1 day ago
Summer 2022 culturedeathrecords culturedeathrecords

1 day ago
★Techno★ julitech julitech

My fave techno.

1 day ago
Libra jazz funk fr lordquaz lordquaz

1 day ago
Daft Punk SergiiZazymko SergiiZazymko

1 day ago
Adham Shaikh highdensity666 highdensity666

1 day ago
Favourite Cover Art CR272 CR272

near-concrete chronological order

1 day ago
Reggae spearheaded spearheaded

Favorite reggae.

1 day ago
Thrift Store Finds (June '22) M00D M00D

2 days ago
Punk FredericBouchard FredericBouchard

2 days ago