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Juno Highlights 31-32/2022 (#589) heliosphaner

about 1 hour ago
Sad Deaths (Pre-30) tottenn

Sad deaths from people before 30 Also check out The Discogs Cemetery:

about 1 hour ago
The Discogs Cemetery tottenn

Those fallen but never forgotten ...Rest in Peace...

about 2 hours ago

about 4 hours ago
Transferlisten donLarsen

Alle vinyler på denne liste, er dubletter eller udgivelser som ikke nødvendigvis skal være i min samling.

about 6 hours ago
1970s Protometal Hellmace

about 6 hours ago
b_selling velove

about 7 hours ago
Lee's Soundtrack to 2016 Lee_Armstrong

This is a list of the songs that jammed my changer during 2016. Music has a long shelf life, so release dates vary. Enjoy!

about 13 hours ago
A list of #1 and #2 singles from 1976-1979 Mister-Suitcase

Listed in consecutive order, includes placements on Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World

about 13 hours ago
Album Cover Locations bhcampbell

about 16 hours ago
AnotherProf's 1972 Hits Archive so far Mister-Suitcase

Entries are sorted alphabetically

about 17 hours ago
Lo-Fi Punk kel_kontraire

about 18 hours ago
rivenoak cd's rivenoak

about 23 hours ago
CD Twistedstef

1 day ago
Must Haves jonathan.ngov

Need to purchase

1 day ago
East African pressing plants rdvriese

1 day ago
DVD Twistedstef

1 day ago
Cutting engineers active in Africa rdvriese

1 day ago
Stars beckhamcrosses

1 day ago
genesis vol. 1 to vol. 3 (1972-1973) : a UK series forbidden on discogs killbill74

1 day ago
File Trades easyrider88

1 day ago
Wanted Vinyl mjmiller2332

1 day ago
продам time_is_a_construct

1 day ago
Andy J. LP List Mike_Crum

1 day ago
South(ern) African pressing plants rdvriese

For Southern Rhodesia / Zimbabwe, see:

1 day ago