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Rockorgasm adighe adighe spotify:playlist:24Bg1QcgZ8JCowZCHesQON

about 3 hours ago
Miles Davis jw1969 jw1969

My Miles Davis records

about 4 hours ago
The Rolling Stones asiomanasiev asiomanasiev

about 9 hours ago
New Wantlist 00tydye 00tydye

For a friend

about 9 hours ago
Selling April ross.finnie ross.finnie

about 11 hours ago
Trade Talk monsieurboo monsieurboo

Records I'm willing to let go, for good exchange between good people.

about 13 hours ago
Cassette's sander.couvreur sander.couvreur

about 15 hours ago
Gigs I went to. Live in Godzone slimkram slimkram

about 16 hours ago
Best singles of 1985 invertedbutterfly invertedbutterfly

about 16 hours ago
Favorites artists rebornventura rebornventura

In no particular order, long time influences or recent slaps.

about 19 hours ago
records my dad gave me m1ndfuzz m1ndfuzz

self explanatory

about 22 hours ago
MONSTER LP COVERS JSL0bsession JSL0bsession

about 22 hours ago
g2.8.1 AndyEvans2 AndyEvans2

Artists who share their name with their band and which Discogs has correctly separated... Famous fails include [a=Cat Power] Under discussion...

1 day ago
Rhein 09.04.2021 fahrzurhoellestewart fahrzurhoellestewart

monthly internet radio broadcast on on the 2nd Monday of the month Guest Christian...

1 day ago
Álbumes Favoritos 2021 aalvaromeendieta aalvaromeendieta

1 day ago
Kingmaker yourapocolypse yourapocolypse

1 day ago
Marduk albums ranked nardvoris nardvoris

1 day ago
Bleep Radio #495 - April 9, 2021 isoprax isoprax

Bleep Radio airs each Friday at 11:45am EST from Hamilton, Ontario and has been broadcasting since 2004. These records made up this broadcast....

1 day ago
Live Albums jgeisle jgeisle

1 day ago
Sale list tea1983 tea1983

1 day ago
45's & 12" Singles jgeisle jgeisle

1 day ago
Compilations & Soundtracks jgeisle jgeisle

1 day ago
Best singles of 1986 invertedbutterfly invertedbutterfly

1 day ago
Vinyl Em280 Em280

1 day ago
Favorite Albums _BoneDust _BoneDust

1 day ago