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Female-fronted Psychedelia of the 60s and 70s julesette

Surprised there was no list like this. Adding them as I think of them, some might lean more toward folk or jazz. Grace is the standard of course,...

42 minutes ago
2023 Releases cloeburner

This is my year! Youtube playlist of songs I've appreciated this year, but not necessarily released this...

about 4 hours ago
my wishlist philadenphia

about 5 hours ago
"Free Soul: Parade" (1996) ilj

about 7 hours ago
Electronic music DJAAVDiN_

about 7 hours ago
To Russia With Love Jukeboxvereinsmeier

about 10 hours ago
Mix: Girls, Boys, Tunes (2023-03-23) borge_jensen

about 20 hours ago
Collection shadlixe

Every CD in my collection

about 21 hours ago
Zustände in München 23.03.2023 HobbyBuch

monthly internet radio show on on the 4th thursday of the month with [a3006336] +...

about 21 hours ago
unnecessary things from my collection Alex22jp

about 22 hours ago
Rave of retribution #2 eonman6

live on tap Detroit can be heard here

about 22 hours ago
Verkaufen 2 goldbaum

about 24 hours ago
Verkaufen goldbaum

1 day ago
Ma petite collection Aurore1977

Ensemble de vinyles anciens achetés en seconde main ou de rééditions

1 day ago
Big Country side__on


1 day ago
StarryDarkness' 10/10's (1950-1955) Mister-Suitcase

1 day ago
Huntleys + Palmers with Hard Fist : Tushen Raï & LINJA (08/01/2020) Sneky

Not On Discogs : 5. Señora - Algarabia En Kfarshima 8. ? 11. Tiempo De Maldad - Soufi (Freudenthal Remix) 13. ? (second hour) 16. ? 19. ? 21. "DJ...

1 day ago
<3 saradoroszkiewicz

1 day ago
Euro Star (2) - (i own) gingishan

1 day ago

1 day ago

Heavy hitters in the scene

1 day ago
Artist's I've Photographed bmimages

1 day ago
Things Seen twillard39

1 day ago
Italian Prog Rock Artists - My Top 150 richardcostantino

I love Italian Prog almost as much as British Prog. The Italians are big on harmonies and romantic classical influences. It's a pity that these...

1 day ago
Samples: The Low End Theory tmchavarria

Samples used in A Tribe Called Quest's 1991 album, The Low End Theory

1 day ago