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High Fidelity June 1956 New Releases steverogers steverogers

Angel page 52 High Fidelity June 1956...

about 1 hour ago
Favorite Artists tealea tealea

about 2 hours ago
Kraftwerk 2015 collection Skwara0 Skwara0

Reissues from 2015. STUMM was present on English...

about 4 hours ago
Tangerine Dream - Tangram releases TODO Skwara0 Skwara0

Tangerine Dream - Tangram German releases and reissues.

about 4 hours ago
X-Mas 2020 george.mack george.mack

about 4 hours ago
VariousSamplers svervs svervs

about 5 hours ago
(A Tribute To) NASTY SAVAGE crimsonmetal74 crimsonmetal74

Legendary US PowerThrash Metal MANIACS! Not on Discogs- “Raw Mayhem” (demo) 1984

about 5 hours ago
barbara stanwyck m.s.aarnoudse m.s.aarnoudse

records owned by barbara

about 5 hours ago
marlene dietrich m.s.aarnoudse m.s.aarnoudse

records marlene (probably) had

about 5 hours ago
Compilations smxpd smxpd

List of compilations Further reading: - Expert Introductions: The Quietus' Top 40 Genre Compilation Albums:...

about 5 hours ago
Kathy's Favorite Albums of All Time Kanna16 Kanna16

Albums/LPs, no EPs or singles.

about 6 hours ago
Albums I've Listened To Shvdow.27 Shvdow.27

A list of every album I've listened to in full.

about 6 hours ago
Artists smxpd smxpd

A list of discovered Artists. You are encouraged to delve into their discography.

about 6 hours ago
For Sale djnukeeproff djnukeeproff

about 6 hours ago
Albums smxpd smxpd

My non-physical collection across all streaming services, including Youtube Music and Spotify.

about 6 hours ago
List of Belgian educational institutions rdvriese rdvriese


about 7 hours ago
List of Belgian museums rdvriese rdvriese

about 7 hours ago
AAA Soul Vinyl I Own benjaminkiehl benjaminkiehl

Soul albums I own on vinyl cut from analog master tapes

about 7 hours ago
Vinyl to buy gpclark87 gpclark87

about 8 hours ago
Blue Note Inspired Covers popkiss69 popkiss69

about 9 hours ago
Top 10 Hard rock/Metal 1980 valeriosarno valeriosarno

about 9 hours ago
Top 10 Hard rock 1970 valeriosarno valeriosarno

about 10 hours ago
Real Rap/Hip-Hop BassLobster BassLobster

about 11 hours ago
40 year of NWOBHM - Part 4 - Obscure singles (Aardschok magazine) Jbrandt Jbrandt

Avalon - Embers/ Flags (FSC Records, 1984) and Strutz - Too High A Price/ No Worries (Systems, 1986) are also on the list, but not on discogs.

about 14 hours ago
40 year of NWOBHM - Part 3 - Important album releases (Aardschok magazine) Jbrandt Jbrandt

about 14 hours ago