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List User Description Created
All electronic stuff gerunzel gerunzel

about 2 hours ago
wantlist shutup.x4 shutup.x4

about 3 hours ago
P-Funk Vault Pfasone Pfasone

about 5 hours ago
Alice Cooper (Group) Korven_66 Korven_66

My favorite Alice Cooper records

about 5 hours ago
idea list martinnn18 martinnn18

i do not have any of the records on this list

about 6 hours ago
xmas list spewter19 spewter19

about 7 hours ago
Kleez Mix - 332 No Worries kleezrotterdam kleezrotterdam

about 10 hours ago
40´s posturinn posturinn

about 10 hours ago
30´s posturinn posturinn

about 11 hours ago
Kleez Mix - 330 Swimming Pool kleezrotterdam kleezrotterdam

about 11 hours ago
my collection jorgenascimento jorgenascimento

about 12 hours ago
Pearsall presents The YAAM Sessions [Older Deep Dubstep Mix] hodderian hodderian

All of the records I used on my mix The YAAM Sessions, originally recorded for Begrime Berlin Soundcloud link:...

about 14 hours ago
My collection of American prog private presses and small labels progfan97402 progfan97402

No Kansas, Styx, Fireballet, Happy the Man, Starcastle, or Ethos, all with major label deals or on small labels that received nationwide...

about 17 hours ago
Vessel Singles StuckWithMe StuckWithMe

about 19 hours ago
Trench Singles StuckWithMe StuckWithMe

about 19 hours ago
Blurryface Singles StuckWithMe StuckWithMe

about 19 hours ago
Haints, Boogers n' Creeps! elvomito elvomito

Southern-fried horror, monster and wigged-out records. Most of these are near impossible to turn up in original form, but compilations and...

about 19 hours ago
Artists I've Seen Live! myqtie myqtie

about 19 hours ago
Shenenigans Singles StuckWithMe StuckWithMe

about 20 hours ago
50's posturinn posturinn

about 22 hours ago
selling haradadada haradadada

Nov 2021

about 22 hours ago
Asbjørnsen - Norway JustieBoo JustieBoo

about 23 hours ago
DJ SLIPMATT @ HELTER SKELTER (time 1997 / oldskool set) krspursuit krspursuit

DJ SLIPMATT LIVE @ HELTER SKELTER (time 1997 / oldskool set)

1 day ago
FOR SALE crivas22 crivas22

Not emotionally attached enough to not sell, so GGs

1 day ago
Acoustic Sounds Series collection eusebius eusebius

1 day ago