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robots RuthClabb

22 days ago
Robots as artists. crimsonmetal74

over 2 years ago
Robots and monsters in my collection f-low

over 2 years ago
Universal Cave - Music for Robots Top 100 ryanmtodd

Part of the JAWNRE event series in Philadelphia. Tribute party to IFM/CBS Top 100 on Friday, July 26th 2019 List is in no order. Tracks selected...

over 3 years ago
DJ PURSUIT - 1991-1993 TECHNO SET (techno 4 robots studio mix 26-04-19) krspursuit

DJ PURSUIT - 1991-1993 TECHNO SET (techno 4 robots studio mix 26-04-19) LISTEN HERE - TRACKLIST - 1,9-10-BOY -...

over 3 years ago
Knuspermix 03/2016 #2 - Boobs & Robots Knusper2000

Download / Stream this Mix:

over 6 years ago
Pearsall presents The Robots Are Restless (A Boddika Tribute Mix) hodderian

All of the tracks from my Boddika tribute mix, The Robots Are Restless. Stream and download the mix here:...

over 8 years ago
We are the robots! wiz_of_oz

The robot, android, cyborg etc. often used as subject in the electronic genre. Here are some I met on my journey through cyberspace.

over 12 years ago