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for sale Migeone Migeone

5 months ago
Road Trip: The Complete Music from the Motion Picture Columbia39 Columbia39

Here's another soundtrack breakdown, and this time, it's to Todd Phillips' 2000 comedy. Not available outside of the movie: Gordon Henderson -...

5 months ago
107.5 WGCI Hits, Dusties & Old School disman00911 disman00911

Another classic Chicago radio playlist. Already did one for B96 (90s dance/rhythmic era), Q101 (alternative-era), defunct energy 92.7 (dance),...

12 months ago
7" grandmasterzotan grandmasterzotan

about 1 year ago
Oberheim DMX disman00911 disman00911

Songs that uses the Oberheim DMX drum machine. Often heard in several 1980s songs.

over 2 years ago
Easyflow - Old Skool Allsorts Vol 2 eazyflow eazyflow

Stream: Download:

over 3 years ago
Old School Rap (1980s) disman00911 disman00911

nothing special. just a list of classic hip hop/rap singles from the 1980s. 1979 songs like "Rapper's Delight" are also included here as there's...

over 3 years ago

over 4 years ago
Shep Pettibone Remixography vanhzexen vanhzexen

Hello and welcome to the official [url=][/url] remixography page. You will find here the most...

over 4 years ago
Vinyl Rap 12" grandmasterzotan grandmasterzotan

over 4 years ago
#TOUCHUSED - 12/19/16 45s! touchvinyl touchvinyl

over 4 years ago
The Original Boom Bap Rap CHAIRMANoftheBORED2 CHAIRMANoftheBORED2

Nowadays "Boom Bap" seems to have gotten a synonym to a lot of people for everything released in the 90s. After KRS-One's musically dissapointing...

over 5 years ago
Vinyl HerrErnie HerrErnie

Meine Platten!

over 5 years ago
Hip Hop: Oldschool 1981 -1992 Fernand8 Fernand8

I will split the list when I reach 150 tracks into: Oldschool Hip Hop 1980 - 1988 and Late 80's Hip Hop 1987 - 1992. On Oldschool Hip Hop I am a...

over 5 years ago
The Goldbergs music JT_X JT_X

Music appearing in American TV sitcom [url=]“The Goldbergs”[/url]. 1980s music is a fixture of the show, with...

over 5 years ago
GrandMaster Flash Do Not Play List NLK NLK

[a21715] Do Not Play List" is actually a printed list of songs you get handed by Grandmaster's manager when you are opening up the night. "If you...

over 6 years ago
Collection macattack2092 macattack2092

The records I've been hoarding over the years.

over 6 years ago

Some of my rap 45 stash..if anyone has any dope Rap45's for trade/sell let me know!

over 8 years ago
mis musica DJRamon333 DJRamon333

over 10 years ago