mandala eyes ‎– Where My Nose Ends And Space Begins

5 × File, FLAC, Album


1 A Book Without Pages 5:57
2 Amnesiac Youth 9:42
3 Graffiti On Tombstones 10:32
4 An Infinite Loop (Or, The Undesigned Moment [Or, Falling Asleep To Find Yourself Sucked Slowly Into A Dream In Which You Fall Asleep To Find Yourself Sucked Slowly Into A Dream]) 16:45
5 The Night Sky, Like A Time Machine 8:52


  • Artwork, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By, Music By, Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Loops, SamplerAlex Alexander (3)


"Sonic experiments with loops, samples, production tweaks, and meditative improvisation burgeoning outward and inward simultaneously, like a Möbius strip turning inside-out."

"If you've downloaded this album already, but it was before 9/9/2012, it's highly recommended to re-download so you can hear the re-mixed and fully mastered version. It's the same music as the original, but with a cleaner, louder, and more polished sound."

"The Night Sky, Like a Time Machine" is a download-only bonus track.

Originally released 10/17/2011, unmastered. Mastered version w/ bonus track released 9/10/2012.

Created by Alex Alexander at home during fall 2011.
Re-mixed and mastered by Alex at home during summer 2012.
Bonus track created during spring 2012, re-mixed and mastered during summer 2012.

Track 1 contains a sample from the audio recording of David Foster Wallace's speech, "This Is Water".

Track 4 contains samples from the film "I <3 Huckabees" and an audio recording of a lecture by Alan Watts.