ProjectionsBetween Here And Now

Projections - Between Here And Now album cover


Rival Cruise5:46
Inner City Sides8:16
Escaping Sao Paulo6:10
The Nutcracker4:46
Half Pint1:10
Luminate Part II7:06
Stillness Meets Me7:19
Dangerous Blues1:31
Backbone (Reprise)4:21

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    Cover of Between Here And Now, 2002-10-01, CDBetween Here And Now
    CD, Album, Digipak
    Guidance Recordings – GDRC 608US2002US2002
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    Cover of Between Here And Now, 2002-10-00, VinylBetween Here And Now
    3×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
    Guidance Recordings – GDRLP 608US2002US2002
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    Cover of Between Here And Now, 2002-10-01, CDBetween Here And Now
    CD, Album
    Guidance Recordings – GDRC608Europe2002Europe2002
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    Cover of Between Here And Now, 2002, CDBetween Here And Now
    CD, Album
    SoundCheck Music – SCM CD3061, SoundCheck Music – SCM CD6031, SoundCheck Music – SCM CD5140Russia2002Russia2002
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    • egg__it's avatar
      Recently, the YouTube algorithm gods blessed me and introduced me to this hidden gem. As soon as I heard it, I was on a mission to snag it on vinyl. Seriously, do yourself a solid and grab a copy. Coming from the esteemed Guidance Recordings It's where downtempo vibes collide with funky rhythms and killer electronic beats – and trust me it’s good. While the later albums from them would steer away from this sound this IMO is there best work. While the vinyl version mixes up the track order compared to the CD, it doesn’t mess with the album's essence at all. 5/5 album and at this price 3 records is a deal.
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Edited 18 years ago
        For a while there, Guidance Recordings was getting as well known for their downtempo as their house. BETWEEN HERE AND NOW, from the Projections duo, slipped under the radar, but still has all the hallmarks. "Backbone," in particular, has a Latin vibe to it, but maintains its own groovy identity. "Leaving Sao Paulo" shows off more of those Brazilian roots, however. But it's not all south of the border: "Inner City Sides" brings out the funk, while "Stillness Meets Me" eases into the electronic blues. Elsewhere, the jazzy interlude of "Half Pint" naturally leads into the smooth jazz of "Kingsburg." "Luminate, Pt. 2" is much more dreamy, brought down to earth with the vocals in "Luminate." A strong debut.

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