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Visible Spectrum
Interference Pattern
Spatial Multiplexing
Optical Distortion


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    Cover of Renormalon, 2016-05-16, VinylRenormalon
    12", 45 RPM, Mini-Album
    WéMè Records – WEME 31312Belgium2016Belgium2016
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    Cover of Renormalon, 2016-05-16, FileRenormalon
    6×File, FLAC, Mini-Album
    WéMè Records – WEME 31312Belgium2016Belgium2016
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    Cover of Renormalon, 2016-05-00, VinylRenormalon
    12", 45 RPM, Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Clear
    WéMè Records – WEME 313.12Belgium2016Belgium2016
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    Cover of Renormalon, 2016-05-22, FileRenormalon
    6×File, MP3, Mini-Album, 320 kbps
    WéMè Records – WEME 31312Belgium2016Belgium2016
    Cover of Renormalon, 2016-05-16, FileRenormalon
    6×File, ALAC, Mini-Album, 24 bit
    WéMè Records – WEME 31312Belgium2016Belgium2016



    • chris.topp's avatar
      A very disappointing and lackluster release, especially considering the dream combo of Wémè and a Der Zyklus full-length. I'm very attuned to Donalds style and typically tend to search for "interpretational flaws" on my side when I'm underwhelmed by his stuff (which happens very rarely).

      So I really gave this the benefit of the doubt, but after several spins in different mood settings, I simply can't sense any of his usual genius. There is no substance to it, no sense of vision. In his best work, he creates this perfect balance between icy, dystopian melodies and pristine electro rhythms (for example on the Cherenkov Radiation 12'').

      But this dynamic sense of far-future dark science is completely missing here. It's a scattershot collection of unremarkable and generic drones, with sporadic touches of his signature sound (to which I react like a salivating Pawlowian dog, of course). Sometimes it sounds okay (like on "Photopolymer"), but never remotely inspired.

      I really hope he invests more care and sense of purpose into his next album again, creating a sci-fi journey worthy of his skills.
      • futureimage's avatar
        Labels give 45RPM for playback, but I enjoy these tracks more at 33RPM. Either way, standard "abstract" sci-fi electronics from Gerald Donald and the team. You know what to do.
        • Kaicho's avatar
          What there is of Renormalon is very accomplished and, for me, very interesting. 'Diffeomorphism' is the only pounder - great bassline and tight, tight tight. But I find this release very frustrating - a story has an intro, middle and end. You would be stretching it to say the 'technical' - as they refer to themselves on the back cover - had reached mid-way into the middle. So you're left feeling it is potential lost. A great shame.
          • DamonNomad's avatar
            They say if you're going to say something negative you should start with something positive, so let me announce that in 2001 Der Zyklus released one of the most sublime downtempo/electro hybrids of all time with "Formenverwandler."

            15 years later Mr. Donald releases this 6-track album and my ears are shocked by how little musicality there is to be found here. Sadly, this is not anywhere near the quality of past masterpieces the man is capable of. However, due to today's inflated hype values I'm sure it will soon enough sell for astronomical prices on the internet.

            Just note that you only really need this if you have to soundtrack a haunted house during Halloween.

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