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The Winter Hymn
You What? Euphoria!
Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen
In An Open Space
Chasing Vapour Trails
Dream Yourself Awake
Lions Love
Islands In The Sky
Wallflower For Pale Saints

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Cover of The Triad, 2016-05-20, VinylThe Triad
2×LP, Album
Rough Trade – RTRADLP793UK2016UK2016
New Submission
Cover of The Triad, 2016-05-20, CDThe Triad
CD, Album
Rough Trade – RTRADCD793UK2016UK2016
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Cover of The Triad, 2016, CDrThe Triad
CDr, Album, Promo
Plastic Sleeve
Rough Trade – noneUK2016UK2016
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Cover of The Triad, 2016-05-00, FileThe Triad
10×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo
Rough Trade – RTRADDA793Europe2016Europe2016
Cover of The Triad, 2016, CDThe Triad
CD, Album, Repress
Rough Trade – RTRADCD793UK2016UK2016
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jondavey's avatar
So are there issues with every issue ? I've just bought this and having read the review I'm a bit gutted !
daFigz's avatar
The opener, 'Winter Hymn' hooked me... The ensuing tracks, by in large, forced me to spit out the lure. Frankly, I was hoping for more from Weber. So, for me, a tad too samey same.
Brummund's avatar
Edited 5 years ago
Well, this was a dud. Excessive distortion in right channel on sides B, C and D about halfway in.... Returning the album to the store tomorrow. Love the music, though!
scoundrel's avatar
I was curious to see where Pantha Du Prince would go next after his ringing collaboration with The Bell Laboratory, and with THE TRIAD, we have an answer. This album seems more of a continuation of BLACK NOISE, as the vocals hover amongst the ice crystals forming around "Winter Hymn." The bell tones enter with "You What? Euphoria!" and "Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen," but in both cases, they quickly give way to the main themes of the individual tracks. "In an Open Space" sees them playing more with layered vocal textures, courtesy of their collaboration with Queens, but "Chasing Vapour Trails" brings back the heavier bassline and "Dream Yourself Awake" the floating iciness. Meanwhile, "Lions Love" shifts into more post-rock territory with its sustained guitars, which seems to lead into the dreamy "Wallflowers for Pale Saints." A subtle shift for Pantha du Prince, but a rewarding one nonetheless.