Chaos & Julia SetVol. 2 - Fear The Future


Fear The Future
Natural High (Parts 1 & 2)
Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix)


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    Cover of Vol.2 - Fear The Future, 1993, VinylVol.2 - Fear The Future
    12", White Label, Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Recoil Records – RCL 002UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Vol. 2 - Fear The Future, 1994, VinylVol. 2 - Fear The Future
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Recoil Records – RCL002UK1994UK1994
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    • jam1's avatar
      Edited 6 months ago
      Well it looks like the scalpers are deleting comments so as to rob you blind, so to say yet again...
      If you want a cheap copy of this record (one side of it at least) then get this 1997 repress, mainly as it even uses the very same metal stamper as the B side of this record.
      You can even see the same RCL 02 cat no. scratched out!
      • drubber77's avatar
        This is the finest piece of Jungle Techno no doubt about it. 👌🏽
        • 8892sales's avatar
          Fear The Future is pure darkside jungle techno from beginning to end. Accept no darkside substitutes - unless, of course they originate from the Basement Records/Sound Entity or early Tango (R.I.P.) roster. However, the slowed down breakdown on Natural High is one of the sickest, nastiest and slimiest twists on any record from that period. Especially compared to the rest of the production on those pads sounding so beautifully melancholic and ethereal. Not sure if I believe in the medical term or if indeed it actually exists, but it's a prime example of 'Split Personality' in a musical sense if there ever was one. That's right, as our American cousins would quip... SICK!
          • TRAINSPOTTER47's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            Yeah Fear The Future is top notch heavy darkness, 'welcome to my mind' indeed! One of the best drops of 94 rite there. . . bought my copy of this new-ish on 21-5-94. And thought, ooooh bonus 92 tune on it! There was no re-press of this. . So, Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix) was originally released @december 92 on Agent-Orange-Tecnoska/release/354726.
            • Jitter.Heart's avatar
              Edited 7 years ago
              Formidabel release.
              • wellbelove23's avatar
                To the best of my (or Mark's) knowledge this release has never been repressed. There was only two runs back in early 94: some white label promos and then the finished copy with on-body artwork. If you're buying this then it should be a copy from back then and only then. Of course, if anyone else knows differently, let me know.
                • Phix75's avatar
                  Are you sure this 12 was repressed? I no the first one was by them in fact then were sold as cheap as 3.99 the black and white logo is in reverse of the original so you can tell. It is also listed as a repress where as this one isnt I'm not so sure this was at all repressed.. like 3y3_HERt_Wax said these are top quality tunes no doubt about that :)
                  • 3y3_HERt_Wax's avatar
                    Just like the 1st EP from this label, both were repressed so i would figure that its hard to tell whats what when buying secondhand copies claiming to be mint and original issues. Either way tho, STILL CLASS and TIMELESS.

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