Dead MeadowFeathers

Dead Meadow - Feathers album cover


Let's Jump In4:19
Such Hawks Such Hounds3:19
Get Up On Down5:27
At Her Open Door5:31
Eyeless Gaze All Eye / Don't Tell The Riverman7:04
Stacy's Song4:06
Let It All Pass5:20
Through The Gates Of The Sleepy Silver Door13:44

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    Cover of Feathers, 2005-02-22, CDFeathers
    CD, Album
    Matador – OLE 625-2US2005US2005
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    Cover of Feathers, 2005-04-04, VinylFeathers
    2×LP, Album
    Matador – OLE 625-1US2005US2005
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    Cover of Feathers, 2005-02-22, CDFeathers
    CD, Advance, Album, Promo
    Matador – OLE 625-2VUS2005US2005
    New Submission
    Cover of Feathers, 2005-02-22, CDFeathers
    CD, Album
    Matador – OLE 625-2UK2005UK2005
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    Cover of Feathers, 2019-11-15, VinylFeathers
    2×LP, Album, Reissue; CD
    XEMU Records – XM-1039, Matador – OLE 625-1, XEMU Records – XM 1039LP
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    Cover of Feathers, 2019-11-15, VinylFeathers
    2×LP, Album, Reissue, Green & Gold Starburst ; CD; All Media, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
    Tekeli-Li Records – TK-04, Matador – OLE 625-1US2019US2019
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    Cover of Feathers, 2019-11-15, CDFeathers
    CD, Album
    XEMU Records – XM-1039, Matador – noneUS2019US2019
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    • catfish.deity's avatar
      I've had this on my wantlist for YEARS but could never justify the price. By far my favorite Dead Meadow album, and probably one of my most replayed albums period. And to know that it's got the CD of bonuses makes it even better.
      • timdho's avatar
        Color is horrible. Sound is good though. Received mine with damaged A/B side. Unlistenable.
        • timdho's avatar
          So glad they pressed this again AND on Black vinyl!! I love this band and the album is one of their best! The entire thing is really good, perfect for zoning out and chilling at home. Favorite track: Stacey's song. It always kind of reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins, but with that little psychedlic touch, making it just sooo good.
          • Desolator666's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            Excellent pressing -quiet and without pops and crackles. Dynamic sound with excellent clarity and great bass. Get it!
            • dreamdistortion's avatar
              Transcends the "stoner rock" genre. Dreamy, heavy, lush, creepy, darkly romantic, and totally immersive. The kind of album that forms a complete world. The production and musicianship are excellent, as well. Bound to be a classic. Had it on CD for a long time and finally found the 2xLP in the wild. Fuck yeah.
              • benzimmerman
                I've been listening to this album since it came out. Three Kings is a great live album and perhaps their best with this one. The songwriting, performance and recording all stand out on "Heaven", "Get Up on Down" & "At Her Open Door"; pretty much every track. There is nothing I would change about "Feathers".
                • analogjunky's avatar
                  Edited 2 years ago
                  I saw these guys right around when this album came out. They opened for BJM (Brian Jonestown Massacre) at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. We accidentally got our pictures taken by a tourist wanting to photograph his girl out front of Katz's Deli. It felt strange. I had seen Dead Meadow at Bar in New Haven before this night and remembered them blowing the power at the venue. I mean the place went completely black - it was sublime. After spotting Anton Newcombe shaving his spotty beard in his beat up Winnebago parked out front of Mercury and seeing his face post-shave I turned to my friend and said " he looks pissed " - I knew then it was gonna be a night to remember. The Dead Meadow set had me having flashbacks to my previous life when I was at that Spirit show watching Randy California. Their set had me in awe. The muddy bass vibrated chest muscles and I felt giddy. As the night went on so did the flask and the dark metallic cloud dissipated into mist with BJM's disjointed, high-school battle-of-the-bands egotistical set. It didn't matter, though, having been so drunk and the skunk on the Dead Meadow nothing was gonna bring me off the mercury cloud. After the DM set Jason Simon walked through the crowd and as I pushed past my girlfriend to shake his hand I tried in vain to think of something 'cool' to say but all that came out was "great set Randy California". Ah that was a night to remember.

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