Dave Seaman And Ian OssiaRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4


Dave Seaman #1
Elements Of LifeAre You With Me Love?1:47
System 7Sirènes (Marshall Jefferson Mix)3:16
Deep DishStay Gold (Original Mix)4:38
EvolutionLook Up To The Light (Quivver To The Vocal Mix)6:56
Lil Mo Yin Yang*Reach (Basement Jaxx Firecracker Mix)4:49
GarbageQueer (Hefty Bag Mix)6:49
DesertFeelings Run So Deep7:25
DominionThe Gate (Original Mix)5:50
D Note*Garden Of Earthly Delights (Accapella)5:08
Paul van DykBeautiful Place (Sundae 6am Mix)5:36
Sam MollisonCry (Fade DMC Mix)8:44
ChicaneOffshore (Disco Citizens Mix)1:20
Power CircleA Little Love, A Little Life (Accapella)6:40
Dave Seaman #2
Dance Planet*Orbit (Intro)1:28
Sarah McLachlanPossession (Rabbit In The Moon Mix)5:11
Pete LazonbyWavespeech (Junior Vasquez Mix)8:05
Horse (3)Careful (Sasha / Brothers In Rhythm Mix)10:44
BedrockSet In Stone10:26
Lucky MonkeysBjango (Way Out West Mix)4:47
SoundsationDo You Feel It (Original)6:46
OutcastRollercoaster (Good For Horses Mix)1:52
IncognitoI Hear Your Name (Accapella)5:14
Libra Presents TaylorAnomaly (Calling Your Name) (Granny's Mix)5:10
BjörkHyperballad (Album Version)5:06
Dave WallaceFuture Reality (Part 1)4:53
Wayward Minds*Homeland (Xpressive Journey Mix)8:08
Ian Ossia
Kristine WLand Of The Living (Dekkard's Planet Vocal Mix)9:35
Sjef Van LeeuwenVoices Of K.A. (Angeles Voices Of Eden Mix)6:47
ShivaLet There Be Love (Renaissance Mix)5:42
YekuanaCanis Loopus (Remix)4:55
Universal State Of MindAll Because Of You (Original Mix)6:41
KeokiCaterpillar (Rabbit In The Moon Disco 2000 Mix)5:58
Djum DjumDifference (Cake Mix)3:24
Big C Featuring Alice (2)Daylight (Infallible Clank Mix)5:21
Way Out WestAjare (Original Mix)4:07
Blue AmazonNever Forget12:19
SuperealOne Nation (Unity Mix)3:09
HeliotropicWalk With Me (Mix # 1)5:56

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    Cover of Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4, 1996-11-25, CDRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×CD, Mixed, Green Leaf Artwork
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4CD, Renaissance – RenMix4CDUK1996UK1996
    Cover of Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4, 1996-11-25, CDRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×CD, Mixed, Red Leaf Artwork
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4CD, Renaissance – RenMix4CDUK1996UK1996
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    Cover of Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4, 1996-11-25, CDRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×CD, Mixed, Yellow Leaf Artwork
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4CD, Renaissance – RenMix4CDUK1996UK1996
    New Submission
    Cover of Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4, 1996-11-25, CassetteRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×Cassette, Mixed
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4MC, Renaissance – RenMix4MCUK1996UK1996
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    Cover of Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4, 1996-11-25, CDRenaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×CD, Mixed, Green Leaf Artwork
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4CD, Renaissance – RenMix4CDUK1996UK1996
    New Submission
    Renaissance: The Mix Collection Part 4
    3×CD, Mixed, Yellow Leaf Artwork
    6 x 6 Records – RenMix4CD, Renaissance – RenMix4CDUK1996UK1996
    New Submission



    • tobymessy's avatar
      Edited 6 months ago
      The mix collection - part 4 - this is the final numbered Renaissance compilation of the series before it transitions to Renaissance Worldwide… Renaissance Awakenings etc etc

      Sasha and Digweed’s vol #1 from 1994 is still the benchmark IMHO. If you’re discovering this series for the first time, perhaps begin at the start and work your way through… Digweed’s REN mix 2 is glorious… FOS’s mix 3 is an airy housey reprieve: before it dives back into the prog house pool for mix 4.

      The series stood apart from other commercial counterparts: plush packaging, underground track selection, care and detail in the production… all adding up to something more substantial in contrast to the comps from Fantazia or Cream: cheap, garish covers - holographic bikini girls, feather boas - housing Brandon Block et al mixing ubiquitous chart anthems.

      Dave Seaman’s Mix 1 on this compilation is one of the best I’ve heard. An autonomous soundscape in autumnal hues, it weaves gently from deep house to atmospheric prog leading to the climax of Chicane and Power Circle. It’s all in the details: the cue out of Sam Mollison is sublime and acapellas are sprinkled imaginatively to great effect - D Note particularly.

      Mix 2 less so and feels a bit stop starty. There are however still some great tracks - the Sasha/BIR remix of Horse, Dave Wallace (stealing a leaf from Oakie’s book… was all the rage), Sarah McClachlan (RITM), Lucky Monkeys (intended as a Fluke remix of Bjork) & … Bjork

      Ian Ossia’s mix has some great tracks but the experience is akin to sitting in a car with the driver slamming on the break pedal repeatedly. Beginning with a boisterous mix of Kristine W, cueing Sjef Van Leeuwen is like driving into a wall…

      Overall - a great package. DS’s mix 1 is the best of the bunch, and possibly one of the highlights of the series… and all for less than a tenner on Discogs! Bloody good value

      DS is back for Renaissance worldwide London - also well worth seeking out.
      • SYSTEM-J's avatar
        Edited 11 months ago
        I must be living in an alternate reality to the rest of these reviewers, because Ian Ossia's disc here is a hot mess. The Yekuana track with the pan pipes and leopard roars sounds like something you'd hear in the gift shop of a '90s zoo, the Keoki track is just pure nonsense, and why on Earth does he go from the slamming full power Ajare into a soporific 12 minute full roll out of Never Forget by Blue Amazon - the slow burning opening track from their Javelin album? Cutting the transition out of Big C mid-vocal is just ugly mixing as well. Ian is going to be sending his boys round to my house, no doubt, because I also slagged off his other Renaissance disc, but I gotta call them as I see them.

        Dave Seaman's second disc is also a bit stop-start - much as I love that remix of Horse - Careful, it absolutely murders the momentum here, and then we have to hear Set In Stone go from 0 to 60 in slightly less time than your average ice age. It's worth sticking around to the end though to hear him jump aboard the mid-90s atmospheric jungle bandwagon very adroitly. Dave Wallace - Future Realities is quite simply gorgeous, the sound of your replicated digital consciousness being uploaded to the cloud server labelled "heaven".

        In the end it's Seaman's first disc that best stands the test of time. Clearly earmarked as the warm-up disc, it goes from the classic deep house of Marshall Jefferson and Deep Dish into widescreen panoramic progressive from Desert, Sasha and Dominion and finishes with a warm Balearic touch from PVD and Chicane in the days when you weren't embarrassed to utter those two names. It's the only CD out of these three I ever bother to listen to these days, although apparently nobody on Discogs agrees with me.
        • renegadeviking's avatar
          This CD box is one of my all time favorites. Dave Seaman's mixes on the first 2 disc are absolutely superior work. The mixing is seamless and the track selection represents some of the best music of the time. Excellent tracks are Deep Dish - Stay Gold, Garbage - Queer, and Sarah McLachlan - Possesion. Also there are classics by Sasha, Bedrock and Paul Van Dyk. What really stands out with this set is the 3rd disc by Ian Ossia. It is purely incredible!! It is every bit as good as the first two discs in this collection and possibly better. Why? The flow is so smooth. Also, this is just a happy CD. Definitely a disc to play when you love life. It starts with Land of the Living by Kristine W which is breathingtaking in its gratitude. Shortly after we come to Let there Be Light which touches on the basic need for Love and Goodness in our lives. From there it keeps going, maintaining the energy that it starts out with and consistently builds. Twelve good and longs tracks of pure bliss. Enjoy!!
          • thurminator's avatar
            Coming from years of 90s/00s trance and the GLR brand of intelligent DnB/Jungle, I've only just begun delving into the foundational texts of the prog house and prog trance genre (to my delight). This was today's selection, and I must say that it must be one of the single greatest electronic mixes I have ever heard. Ian Ossia's mix in particular absolutely blew me away - I was smiling when the Shiva track hit. Had to pick up a copy right off. Holds up beatuifully 26 years later.
            • Numanoid's avatar
              The reason I come back to the mix CD1 is "D Note Garden Of Earthly Delights (Accapella)" it sits perfectly in the middle, adds a breather, and food for thought.
              • Hando_Jin's avatar
                Edited 4 years ago
                As with almost all Progressive DJs' sets - just as it gets going; it's over.
                • Tech_Life's avatar
                  I feel like this is the best out of the first 4 Mix Collection comps. What Sasha and Digweed did with the first was groundbreaking but I feel like this one is the better one in terms of overall track selection, and the mixing is top notch as well. Seaman has always been one of my favorite Dj's and he doesn't get the credit he deserves for what he did for electronic music. Ian's mix is also very good with a very techy sound to it, this is my favorite early Renaissance album for sure.
                  • itsik1976's avatar
                    Edited 9 years ago
                    Sydney, August 2013 - I feel the need to write few words with regards to the 3rd CD of this release, Ian Ossia's mix. This release has been a soundtrack to a beautiful period of my life 15 years ago. This set still sounds fresh today and holds the beauty of it's music. From the dramatic start of Dekkard's stunning remix of Kristine W through Shiva's glorious Let There Be Love and on to Blue Amazon's monumental Never Forget - This is one of the most colorful, driving, exotic, soulful, mind altering mixes i have ever heard - You can tell that a lot of love has been put into it - The track selection that identified a period and the brilliant mixing - in my opinion this set should be regarded as one of the best Renaissance recordings out there. The golden age of what would be called Progressive House. We should have heard much more of Ian Ossia

                    The other 2 sets from Dave Seaman - his catapulting moment and as well stunning releases of mixes that feature classic gems from Deep Dish, Sasha and one of my favourite remixes of all time - HORSE - CAREFUL (Sasha / Brothers In Rhythm mix) ...Mesmerizing.

                    All in all - The Mix Collection Part 4 is at the top list of Best Mixes of All Time - 10/10 - Absolute Classic!!!!
                    • jiggawhat's avatar
                      Edited 11 years ago
                      Dave Seaman earns his stripes on this one. Neither of his Global Underground CDs nor his later Renaissance mixes come close to the mastery that these mixes are. This is the defining moment of Dave Seaman's career, a hallmark of the progressive house genre. A couple of hints of trance here and there, but the house influences take precedence. This does not remind me of anything from Nick Warren, Sasha, Digweed, or the typical acts associated with Dave Seaman. Rather, it's a hybrid of BT's "Ima" and Oakenfold's "Global Underground: Oslo" CD1, both of which are outstanding in their own right and released right around the same time period.

                      The first disc is a mesmerizing journey from dark, primitive trance to a climax of upbeat, soulful, and life-affirming progressive house. The second disc is less energetic, but features a similar blend of styles, with some drum 'n' bass thrown in to add a little diversity (not unlike GU Oslo). Overall, the second disc is a bit weaker than the first, but it's still outstanding. Ian Ossia's mix is competent, but nothing to write home about.
                      • NicScarlet's avatar
                        The defining mix of 90's progressive house. The second Dave Seaman mix is probably the best mix he's ever recorded. Still easily holds it's own today, which is really saying something. Even Mr Seaman himself has commented that this is the only one of his own dance releases that he still listens to today (sleeve notes of The Masters Series Volume 7).

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