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    Cover of Traversable Wormhole Vol.9, 2011, VinylTraversable Wormhole Vol.9
    12", 45 RPM, Green, Marbled
    Traversable Wormhole – TW09US2011US2011
    Traversable Wormhole Vol.9
    12", 45 RPM, White Label
    Traversable Wormhole – TW09US2011US2011
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    • maroko's avatar
      Yeah yeah, I know very well what I said... That the first part of the series was my favorite, but hey, if this one was not yet on the market at the time, I am entitled to a change of heart, right?
      OK then, Adam Mitchell really pulls through with the change in sound he started undertaking with this moniker a few releases back.
      The ninth installment is the gloomiest one thus far. Worldline is particularly interesting. An eight and a half minute workout of steady deep percussion, spaced out grooves and consecutive and restrained layering. The flow is uninterrupted throughout, at one point during the track the beats 'stutter', creating a sensation of tension segued by a larger crescendo, while it's actually mr. Mitchell carefully adding and subtracting the various passages and keeping the listener glued to the speaker, constantly maintaining a dynamic vibe despite the narrow preogression. Excellent stuff, dark, seductive and hypnotic 4/4 affair which goes on to explore realms far beyond the dance floors! Perfectly produced too, I'd dare say. The arrangement in this number is flawless, every sound falls in its place like it was destiny, not human intervention.

      Present Hypersurface is a condensed, droning off beat contribution which explores more sinister musical patterns and abstract shapes and forms of sound. Still deeply rooted in the intergalactic journey story Adam is all about, this one leans more towards the industrial stuff Adam frequently pursued before deciding to create the Traversable Wormhole alias. Regardless, this is a tough nut to crack. Nocturnal and undeviating, the mechanical passages laid out throughout perfectly compliment the hammering beats which leave marks equivalent to those of a rabid megalodon chewing on your Funktion One sound reinforcement equipment.
      My verdict: the meanest, yet the best Traversable Wormhole release of them all. Why? Because of the mere fact that Adam Mitchell has successfully matured in this guise, and has skillfully incorporated its principal characteristics into the rougher sound aesthetic he has been known to deliver for years now. Bravo!

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