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Fl It3:41
Clr Sky3:48

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Original black card sleeve has ''Edge'' barcode sticker on it


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7 versions
Cover of *1, 1992, Vinyl*1
12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM
Edge Records – EDGE 01UK1992UK1992
Cover of *1, 1996, Vinyl*1
12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM, Repress
Edge Records – EDGE 01UK1996UK1996
Cover of *1, 2001, Vinyl*1
12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Repress
Edge Records – EDGE 01UK2001UK2001
Cover of *1, 2015-07-15, Vinyl*1
12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition
Edge Records – EDGE01UK2015UK2015
New Submission
Cover of *1, 2015-07-15, Vinyl*1
12", 45 RPM, Test Pressing
Edge Records – EDGE01UK2015UK2015
New Submission
Cover of *1, 2021-11-23, Vinyl*1
12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Repress
Edge Records – EDGE01UK2021UK2021
New Submission
Cover of Compnded, , FileCompnded
File, WAV, Reissue
Edge Records – EDGE01UKUK
New Submission
all slightly warped ? seems the norm nowadays , drives us mad
timibbitson's avatar
Can we all just take a second to appreciate that Gordon did this "EDGE 1 " , but , also years before played on Sade records !!!! ????? i am still getting my head round this in 2022 , from 1987 . . .
stupidfresh's avatar
This is an essential purchase for an UK hardcore acolyte. It's a shame it doesn't have the original B-side as I'm not a fan of the Krafty Kuts mix. It would have been amazing to have the bootleg version as b-side. Wishful thinking perhaps?
DJ_Roland's avatar
Compnded is such a great happy energetic classic indeed and never sounded dated in any given time period somehow. Good memories of playing this in the Late 90's in my livesets when playing harder club and house in Dutch clubs when these tunes were kind of forgotten at that time and not many bothered while trance was almost the only thing around everywhere. But it always worked and still filled dancefloors instantly!

I always felt to believe the 'squirking' low sound in the intro was taken from the PC game Alley Cat, don't know why but that sound, and the whole track really somehow always reminded me of some bouncing cheeky cat and that awesome game I played to death in my youth haha :)

Have to agree with below comments that the other tracks were defo overlooked by many over the years, certainly by me and when re-listening to my copy I have to admit that were some very varied and solid tracks too! Wouldn't misstand on many house EP's then and even today.
Johnmarcus's avatar
"Compnded" is clearly the stand out track on this 12" and was just simply a huge track in its day. It is sample mayhem cleverly crafted together through the driving rhythm of the drums and percussion to create a monster of a track. Fantastic track that still sounds fantastic today, well if your an Old School fan anyway.
jam1's avatar
Although the vocal stab bit is originally from Patti La Belle, You can tell that they have sampled it from Shades of Rhythm's "Sweet Sensation"
kingprawn65's avatar
Compnded as revived in the early years of the golden age of trance in 1996/97 - it surprisingly fit in really well.
ballmouse's avatar
Where are the synths on Clr Sky sampled from? It's doing my head in.
Black_Crack_Records's avatar
Double sided must be the promo not a misprint ...
djmelody1's avatar
This reminds me of raindance, every picture tells a story and many more raves from the early 90's.
Such a big tune in its time.