Boards Of CanadaBoc Maxima

Style:IDM, Ambient


Wildlife Analysis1:37
Rodox Video0:33
Everything You Do Is A Balloon6:56
Boc Maxima1:36
Nova Scotia Robots1:21
June 9th5:15
Skimming Stones2:06
Red Moss6:22
Original Nlogax1:09
Turquoise Hexagon Sun5:06
One Very Important Thought1:05

Credits (3)

  • Iain Pic*
    Photography By [Photo By]
  • Marcus Eoin
    Written-By, Performer, Producer
  • Michael Sandison
    Written-By, Performer, Producer


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    Cover of Boc Maxima, 1996, CassetteBoc Maxima
    Cassette, Mixed
    Music70 – ths017UK1996UK1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boc Maxima, 1998, CDrBoc Maxima
    CDr, Mixed
    Music70 – noneUK1998UK1998
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boc Maxima, 2021-01-01, CassetteBoc Maxima
    Cassette, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (Boards Of Canada) – noneUS2021US2021
    Cover of Boc Maxima, , VinylBoc Maxima
    2×LP, Numbered, Unofficial Release, White
    Not On Label (Boards Of Canada) – none
    Cover of Boc Maxima, , CDrBoc Maxima
    CDr, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Music70 (2) – none
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    • bold_and_brash's avatar
      If you have this for sale, please contact me so I can make you an offer. Thank you.
      • Viewbob_true's avatar
        If anyone's willing to part with one of these, please get in touch. Yes I know it's a boot.
        • randyj's avatar
          Time for a cassette-only reissue. js --- please please please
          • xyz_clear's avatar
            wanna buy a vinyl copy . please pm if you wanna sell it or trade
            • bachihodiscogs's avatar
              Seriously do not understand hovv can this stay so "unreleased" for a standart lover of quality music. Regular debut LP from B.O.C., the greatest 90´s inovators of downtempo music
              • medida's avatar
                The other day I had the honor of listening to this piece of crap. Horrible sound, impossible to enjoy even for the big BOC fan (I'm one). Don't pay a single cent for this. By the way: what a terrible artwork! Really, this release is a joke!!!
                • ColdPlanet's avatar
                  Edited 5 years ago
                  It’s a bootleg for sure, when it’s spinning on my table you can hear that it sounds like a poorly mastered bootleg, though it’s the FIRST BOC Maxima vinyl release I’ve seen if I can say the least... I’ve dreamed of listening to the actual cassette realease of this mix, but from what I heard off this specific record it seems legitimate enough to think it come from an original tape rip... idk, it’s hard to say. Defiantly can say the BoC brothers would never re-release any of their earliest work, so this is 100% a fan made tribute to the cassette mix.
                  • wildblunthickok's avatar
                    Hands down Boards of Canada's best release. This was the 7th of their seven self released albums before getting signed. In fact they got famous because of the success of this album on mp3 sites from 1996-1998. About 30% of the songs were repeated (but new recordings) on their next album, the Warp Records release Music Has the Right to Children. 4 of the songs were re-released on the Hi Scores ep. One track (Chinook) was used as a b-side to the Aquarius single. Also the song Sixtyniner (best song on this album) is a repeat/improved version of a song from their 6th album (Twoism).

                    Had they already been famous when they released this I'm sure the 3 singles would be "Everything You Do Is A Balloon", "Sixtyniner", and "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" (pretty sure there is a rare hexagon shaped single of that last one, although it's a single off of Music Has The Right To Children). But this definitely isn't a "skip to the 3 singles then listen to something else" album, this is a "listen to the whole album from start to finish" affair. I'd go so far as to say every song except the outro could've worked as a single. In particular "June 9th", "Red Moss", "ROYGBIV", "Skimming Stones", and "M9" stand out. M9 has a more hypnotic feel, like an old Tangerine Dream song. The cheerful sounding ROYGBIV in comparison almost sounds like BOC's idea of Hip Hop backing music (which is still a fair distance from real Hip Hop of course). June 9th is a great "steadily building" song, where they seem determined to add or subtract elements every 8 bars (or is it 16). I love when electronic songs have that sense of forward motion, like they're determined not to get stuck in one place too long.

                    On the one hand I'd highly recommend getting this album, on the other hand you're kidding yourself if you think you'll ever find a genuine physical edition.
                    • Tom.B's avatar
                      Edited 5 years ago
                      One of my favourite item in my collection. In case of two things:

                      First - Cloth Sleeve - with printed number inside is unique.
                      Second - (which keeps this album timeless) Music and sound which from vinyl is more huge, and fleshy.

                      I have couple HiFi sets. When I listen BOC music I like use GRADO SR 60 headphones.
                      Sound of low frequency ( BOC hallmarks - analog fat sound) is even more expressive.

                      In the opposite Autechre's music (for example) I am listening on Sennheiser HD 600 (more analytical sound).

                      Good luck to find it. Cheers.

                      • darklandXX's avatar
                        Let me tell you fellows a story of classicsnelectronics. I was told by the seller that he or she has 3 copies of boc maxima and 1 copy of vol.1. They are all sold out.
                        After that, maybe a week later, the seller put these cassettes again on discogs again! boc maxima for 4 times and vol.1 for 2 times! As I know they are all super limited. Great classicsnelectronics has piles of them! wow are you boc member?
                        BTW the seller also sold the Vemod cassette. It is a black metal. Is there something coming from all of these three tapes? YES of course! They are all easy-dubbing.
                        You judge fellows :)

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