Dream Girl (Mickey's Mix)
Dream Girl (Acid Dream)
Dream Girl (Wet Dream)
Dream Girl (Accapella Dream)

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    Cover of Dream Girl, 1988, VinylDream Girl
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Misprint
    Hot Mix 5 Records – HMF 111US1988US1988
    Cover of Dreamgirl, 1988, VinylDreamgirl
    12", 45 RPM
    Jack Trax – JTX 21UK1988UK1988
    Cover of Dream Girl, 1988, VinylDream Girl
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Hot Mix 5 Records – HMF 111US1988US1988
    Cover of Dream Girl, 2014-09-01, VinylDream Girl
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue, Remastered, Repress
    Hot Mix 5 Records – HMF 111UK2014UK2014
    Cover of Dream Girl, , FileDream Girl
    4×File, WAV
    Trax Records – 354617USUS
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    • OCCIDENTAL's avatar

      Mine is dark brown translucent vinyl but you gotta hold it up to bright light to notice it. I wonder if it's actually ALL copies of this pressing (and NONE are true black) cuz that's just the cheap sh*t they had in the vats at the time of pressing...
      • Discotonight's avatar
        ...i heart this track (B Side Ralphi Rosario Mix) in the Space club in Ibiza in 1988. The terrace back then was just a deserted open air cafeteria and the staff boom boxed some early house trax from a ghetto blaster...the indoors club with a spectacular cosmic set up and light show, Dream Girls was banging by approx. 9 am in the morning to my ears for the first time. ACID ! I knew in that moment, i was at the pulse of time, a new decade of music was breaking through....I love it until today, one of my all time favorite acid house trax ....there was no holding back in Ibiza- heavenly :)
        • tnadnort's avatar
          There are dark brown translucent coloured vinyl copies in existence.
          • K-B's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            Jancito303 is correct. Dream Girl and Fantasy Girl are Pierre classics. The Wet Dream Mix was the one in 1988 and took our minds away into the (Ph)uture with its relentless hypnotic bassline, occasionally but pleasantly interrupted by those wonderfully dropped soulful keys and yearning vocals. One of those tunes you just wanted to go on forever. Still sounds as timeless as it did then. The S12DJ-008 release (noted as Fantasy Girl and coupled with Acid Trax) despite apparently being mastered from CD is nice as well.
            • jancito303's avatar
              Want to absolutely tear it on an acid house revival party?
              Drop Acid Over, transition to Jamie Principle Rebels, and then drop this (wet dream mix).
              Can't get any better.
              • h749's avatar
                What's the pressing like on this one? Better to pick up the OG?
                • Telcoman's avatar
                  Edited 6 years ago
                  Definitely a great classic in itself, but only Ralphi Rosario's B-side mix still stands out today (imho). The typical hysteric DJ Pierre acid groove is polished out in this mix. The combination with the dream girl vocals work really well.
                  • djsid86's avatar
                    The Ralphi Rosario mix (B1) is amazing. Probably of the best Acid House songs that I can remember.
                    • Discotonight's avatar
                      Edited 13 years ago
                      I heard "Dream Girl" the first time in the club "Space" in Ibiza in the year 1988 around 9am. It was far away from the club de non jours, but incredible back in that days. Back than i came from Germany without having any idea about acid house! I heard that sound and thought i was getting shot into a new millenium!! Until now "Dream Girl" is one of my alltime favorites. I guess it left a mark! Heavenly sweet, passionate and sentinental, touching the soul. Thank you for that great record....
                      • 1969's avatar
                        Edited 10 years ago
                        I first heard this track when the jacktrax acidhouse album came out in 1988,that was it, I fell in love! No matter what mood I am in or where I am this tune is tirelessly beautiful.I feel it has to be Pierres finest hour,acid trax and got the bug etc are all absolute gems but there is something special for me about dreamgirl which I just cannot put into words.There are several mixes but the 'wetdream' mix is my favourite.(Ralphi Rosarios mix comes a close second)
                        Maybe its the soft female vocals or that groovy acid bassline which I love,im not sure, but this track is probably my favorite acid house tune of all time.Thankyou Nathaniel Jones for years of musical pleasure,love and respect.

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