Juno ReactorLaughing Gas

Style:Goa Trance


Laughing Gas7:54
Laughing Gas (On The Other Side Mix)6:48

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    Cover of Laughing Gas, 1993, CDLaughing Gas
    CD, Maxi-Single
    NovaMute – INT 826.775, NovaMute – CDNOMU26Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of Laughing Gas, 1993-09-27, VinylLaughing Gas
    12", 45 RPM, Single
    NovaMute – 12 NoMu 26, NovaMute – 12 NOMU 26UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Laughing Gas, 1993, VinylLaughing Gas
    12", Promo, 45 RPM
    NovaMute – P 12 NoMu 26UK1993UK1993
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    • chimushi's avatar
      Yes...this is the real deal from the early years of Classic Goa Trance, but not the earliest as others might say, A number of great Goa Trance tracks were made from 1990 to 1992.
      • chimushi's avatar
        Edited 2 years ago
        "On the other side mix" of Laughing Gas is more to my liking than the original version. It's just a bit more stripped down and a little less finished than the original mix which makes it's raw sound more appealing to me. Gotta Love the overtones. The CD that this track comes off of is an important piece of Classic Goa Trance history and is essential for Goa Trance collections..........period. The track "Man to Ray" will always be remembered as one of the highlights of the 1993 season in Anjuna Beach in the state of Goa. For those who have an issue with calling this music "Goa Trance", it must just mean that you didn't make it to Anjuna Beach in 1993. Just because the record companies weren't calling it Goa Trance doesn't mean it doesn't belong in the Goa Trance genre. Talk to the members of Juno Reactor. I met one of them at Goa Gils house in October/November of 1993 in Anjuna Beach. Juno Reactor has a special place in the history of Classic Goa Trance......there is absolutely no doubt about that.
        • covert_operative's avatar
          I bought my copy of this in the early 90s at a shop called 'across the tracks', which incidentally was at the end of the road where Ben Watkins now has his studio.
          • genocyber's avatar
            lullaby is such a great track. 10 / 10 .
            • fakedlunch's avatar
              Whatever the previous commenters have said, this is one of the first releases to anticipate what would become the goa trance movement. Of course they didn't call it "goa trance" back then, for as a movement it didn't exist yet. But there is no arguing that this sound is characteristically "goa." As for the origin of the term, a lot of parties with this kind of music were held in Goa, India, hence the term. Simple as that.
              • pananusblue's avatar
                This is early goa trance, despite what anyone wants to say about labels. You can hear it in the intent, the fast pace of the rhythm section and the bubbling acid lines. Sure, it's not yet MWNN goa, but it's goa nonetheless. Great record!
                • psyshaman's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  The original sheet included with the record, states "From the jungles of India to the overgrown wastelands of Europe - JUNO REACTOR has landed."

                  Overall, it's not about it being goa-trance, it's particularly a statement as to where some if not all of a particular style actually originated from. Their mission directive on the paper says also "To seek and destroy all unharmonious hardcore."

                  On the paper I have, it has no genus listed whatsoever. It, however, throws in India. It's the beginning of a statement that has progressed into a somewhat goa-able fashion.

                  Overall, these tracks are very good at lighting up a dance floor, or at least used to be back in the day, huh? Recommended for any JR collector and/or fan.

                  • jazzliscious's avatar
                    I'm sorry, but I just have this inner revolt for the term "Goa Trance". It sounds wrong and frankly I feel completely (despite the tide of convention) that it is wrong. Back in 1994 right when NovaMute sent me a promo sheet (photocopied on yellow stock paper) for this release it was termed by NovaMute itself, the discoverer and first promoter of Juno Reactor to be "Progressive techno". They didn't call it trance, let alone "Goa trance"! What is it with this misnaming of some of the finest techno ever made? Goa is in India! I don't hear sitars, tambouras, kanjiras, or tablas! GOD! Anyway, besides that, this track used the most famous "sound" from the minimoog synthesizer for its bassline. I can't describe it, but you've heard (well, with the limited perception of most, maybe you haven't!) variations of it in everything from the BeeGees ("Jive Talkin'") to Gino Vanelli ("People Gotta Move") and that's the selling point for me on this one. I own a minimoog, and "that sound" was used for nearly twenty years for inspired basslines the world over and never tiringly so. It's the crux of the minimoog's popularity and its signature sound. They were still cranking out "that sound" in the early '90s, hence the bassline in this track. Every other aspect of its production is phenomenal as well. Just for God's sake, DON'T CALL IT GOA TRANCE! PLEASE!?!??!! I still have the poster that states - "...Progressive techno from Ben Watkins..." - they didn't call it "Goa trance"! Criminy!

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