Juno ReactorGuardian Angel

Style:Goa Trance


Guardian Angel7:27

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    Cover of Guardian Angel, 1995, VinylGuardian Angel
    12", Single, 45 RPM
    Blue Room Released – BR0008UK1995UK1995
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    Cover of Guardian Angel, 1995-10-00, CDGuardian Angel
    CD, Single
    Blue Room Released – BR008CDUK1995UK1995
    Cover of Guardian Angel, 1995, VinylGuardian Angel
    12", Single, White Label
    Blue Room Released – BR 008UK1995UK1995


    • elahrairah's avatar
      New entry on the NME's Indie 45s chart, 26 August 1995.
      • trevorcwmoore
        I got a. a. Razorback on mine little confused what version I have
        • SabKuchMilegator's avatar
          I tend to disagree with Josephschembri's opinion. I've always loved Razorback! It's got infectious groove in the drum work, the bassline being a great treat as well. The main melody has charming character, it flirts with goa yet sounds relatively unique and leans on the tribal side of things. The little details such as tribal chanting, a well thought acid stab running in the middle of the track, a dirty sounding echoed synth sweep after that and the rolling bassline in the climax of the track top off this wonderful piece.
          The good news is that you can actually get Razorback on Beyond The Infinite, if you purchase the Hypnotic label's version.
          • Joseph_S's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            Two track CD single from the great act Juno Reactor.

            Track 1 is sliced off from their legendary 1995 album “Beyond The Infinte”. It’s the opening track of that wonderful album too. It starts with the vocal sample "do anything you want, anything at all... come with me, I'll be your guardian angel"….then all hell breaks lose as it comes one of the most hypnotic and powerful tracks the Goa scene ever saw. Absolutely one of my favourite tracks ever.

            The reason for buying this single is for track 2 since “Razorback” never made it on any compilation. This is totally different from track 1. Surprisingly it starts with some sounds as those of their infamous 1994 one-track-album “Luciana”. Track has some tribal sounds and there are no hypnotic melodies as “Guardian Angel” or as other tracks of that time by JR. I’d say that production quality and arrangement is a bit shaky here; however after hearing that monster of track number 1 this comparison is inevitable.

            Unless you get it for a low price, you are a Juno Reactor fan or want to complete your Blue Room Released collection, there's nothing essential here. Guardian Angel appeared a score of times elsewhere and the flipside is nothing remarkable.

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