EmpirionNarcotic Influence

Style:Techno, Acid


Narcotic Influence 1
Narcotic Influence 2

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"Giving them drugs, taking their lives away" sample from the 1986 Lovecraft-inspired body-horror movie From Beyond.


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    Cover of Narcotic Influence, 1994, VinylNarcotic Influence
    12", 45 RPM
    Wanted Records – JHS001UK1994UK1994
    Cover of Narcotic Influence, 1996-06-24, CDNarcotic Influence
    CD, Single
    XL Recordings – XLS 72 CDUK1996UK1996
    Cover of Narcotic Influence (Remixes), 1996-06-24, VinylNarcotic Influence (Remixes)
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    XL Recordings – XLT 72 RUK1996UK1996
    Cover of Narcotic Influence, 1996-06-24, VinylNarcotic Influence
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    XL Recordings – XLT 72UK1996UK1996
    Cover of Narcotic Influence 1, 1996, VinylNarcotic Influence 1
    10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided, Promo, Blue
    XL Recordings – XLT 72 PRUK1996UK1996
    Cover of Narcotic Influence / Ciao, 1996, VinylNarcotic Influence / Ciao
    7", 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    XL Recordings – XLS 72 JS, Wanted Records – XLS 72 JSUK1996UK1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Narcotic Influence, 1996, VinylNarcotic Influence
    2×12", Promo
    XL Recordings – XLT 72 DJUK1996UK1996
    Cover of Narcotic Influence, 1996, CDNarcotic Influence
    CD, Maxi-Single
    XL Recordings – INT 827.924Germany1996Germany1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Narcotic Influence, , FileNarcotic Influence
    5×File, WAV, Single, Reissue
    XL Recordings – XLS72DL
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    • ColonelTirpitz's avatar
      Since when it's called Techno, Trance and Acid as on many compilations it is called as Psychedelic Trance/Goa ??
      • Wizhard's avatar
        Fun fact : the vocal 'Giving them drugs, taking their lives away' is taken from the 1986 movie From Beyond
        • dokka.chapman's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          Emerging from their debut album Empirion's 'Narcotic Influence' is yet another blend of Breakbeat & Techno that is as stereotypical as they come. Leaning on a vocal hook and made for the sole use of the club this single isn't particularly intelligent but gets the job done.
          Along with a shortened edit and full length version the track gets some welcome remixes by the likes of Dave Clarke, Secret Knowledge and most importantly Jack Dangers of Meat beat Manifesto who manages to turn the high octane dance number up a notch with a beat more often used by the likes of Lunatic Calm & Junkie XL.
          In all this is an unremarkable track from a group who liked to keep things simple & effective, but with the added mixes giving different takes on what is essentially a cult classic the single is turned into something worth trying out if you enjoy the thought of the nostalgic hedonist club days of the mid 90s.
          • TimeIsoldsome's avatar
            Edited 7 years ago
            The B side (Version 2) was a huge tune in the Back to Basics basement when I used to go clubbing in Leeds in the mid 90's.
            • Alyxxandria's avatar
              As addictive as the subject matter.
              • Universe's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                'Narcotic Influence 1' is one of the mid 1990s UK techno classics.

                It is true that in terms of sound, this was possibly a bit dated even by the time of it's re-release on the legendary XL Recordings, but there's no question that it stands out from the pack and remains an anthem.

                The track is built around relatively simple kick drum beats, a searing distorted acid line, and a spoken vocal hook - seemingly warning about the dangers of drugs - which is quite a novelty for dance music. This is 'polished' of with all manner of industrial percussion throughout.

                At the time, Empirion were touted by some as the new Prodigy, but they never fulfilled their promise. We can at least lay some of the blame on the techno purists for that.

                An no, I haven't played this promo release - that would ruin the packaging!

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