Recto Verso6:25
Quand Tu Souris5:13
Toi Et Moi3:46
Mieux Que Tout4:27
Garde Le Pour Toi6:50
Miroir (Un)4:49
Miroir (Deux)3:39
Paradis (Reprise)6:30
De Semaine En Semaine5:45
Chacun Pour Soi4:50

Credits (12)


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    Cover of Recto Verso, 2016-09-16, VinylRecto Verso
    2×LP, Album, 180g
    Riviera (3) – 478 225-0, Maison Barclay – 478 225-0, Universal Music France – 478 225-0France2016France2016
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    Cover of Recto Verso, 2016-09-23, CDRecto Verso
    CD, Album
    Barclay – 478 224-4, Riviera (3) – 478 224-4France2016France2016
    Cover of Recto Verso, 2016, CDRecto Verso
    CD, Album, Numbered, Promo
    Maison Barclay – none, Riviera (3) – noneFrance2016France2016
    Cover of Recto Verso, 2016, FileRecto Verso
    File, AIFF, FLAC, Album, Stereo, High Res 24-bits 44.1 Khz
    Barclay – 478 224-2Canada2016Canada2016
    New Submission
    Cover of Recto Verso, , CDRecto Verso
    CD, Album, Reissue, White Background
    Barclay – 478 224-4, Riviera (3) – 478 224-4FranceFrance
    New Submission



    • funkyjeff77's avatar
      Have one to sell MINT and SEALED, starting price 5000 $. Les cheaps s'abstenir lol PM if interested.
      • amcsounds's avatar
        Come on...someone...we really need a repress of this absolute classic. This is what Random Access Memories should have been. French electronica doesn't get much better than this.
        • rose_sauvage's avatar
          This is such an incredible album. Hopefully there will be a repress at some point so that more people get to experience it on vinyl.
          • cybercollector's avatar
            Edited 4 months ago
            Paradis (2) - Recto Verso is an astonishingly, deeply infectious electronica album that will hit you emotionally unlike any other release from this genre ever can or ever will. This marvellous double LP offers you a beautiful package of highly captivating songs, infused with mesmerizing, airy melodies that will keep you reveling in them again and again.

            All songs are accompanied by meaningful, beautiful lyrics. Musically they are so sophisticated and concise at the same time - it's almost surreal. Each and every track proved to be a true marvel.

            Thanks to the sensual vocals of Simon Mény and the flawless, cohesive production work of Pierre Rousseau, "Recto Verso" is arguably the finest piece of electronic dance music released in over a decade 🏆🥇.

            “Recto Verso” is a true masterpiece in itself and deserves a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION 😊👍👍.

            ☝️Last but not least: I hate being the bearer of bad news. And I'm sorry if I burst anyone's bubbles out there. But this great album most likely won't be re-released anytime soon! Why?

            Well, Paradis (2) actually does no longer exist as a group anymore unfortunately. The two members, Simon Mény and Pierre Rousseau, had a big argument during the initial promo campaign of “Recto Verso” back in 2016. They decided to go separate ways ever since.

            Background: During the promotional tour for their album, the two artists performed live at various locations in France and Switzerland. However, they were not well received. It became all too obvious that like so many other IDM acts, Paradis (2) also struggled to replicate their amazing studio sound in a way that would work for live performances.

            Let's face it, Paradis (2) performing "live in concert" just didn't measure up to their previous groundbreaking studio achievements.

            In addition, Pierre Rousseau also wanted to focus more on his obviously outstanding skills as a studio virtuoso, producing original soundtracks for advertising videos for renowned companies such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci (18) and Audemars Piguet Contemporary as well as his own music as a solo artist. Something he has been doing with increasing success since leaving the Paradis (2) project. Just look at his Discogs discography and his website and you'll agree.

            Looking back, Paradis (2) was basically D.O.A. almost immediately after the release of “Recto Verso” unfortunately. As a result, the group's record label, Universal Music France, also soon stopped all promotional activities in support of the Paradis (2) project swiftly thereafter.

            The same goes for the opulent, super limited 2x12” 180g vinyl release of “Recto Verso” with its deluxe packaging including fan booklet, obi-type sticker, CD etc. There is currently simply not enough economic interest for Universal Music France to reproduce such a lavish vinyl package just to satisfy a few additional vinyl enthusiast like you and me out there.

            But hope dies last, right?! The 10th Paradis (2) - Recto Verso anniversary is coming up... Okay, not so soon, because we'll have to wait a while for that. But maybe there will be a vinyl reissue then to mark the occasion...😉.

            • koenich's avatar
              Edited 4 years ago
              I won't spoil anything, especially since the other reviewers told so much already.
              I'm listening to all kind of music (classic, rock, pop, electronic etc.) for over 30 years and let me tell you that this is one of the best albums ever produced; a brilliant mixture of Electronic and Chansons Françaises.
              Just press play and listen from start to end. This album will take you on a journey you won't forget. After that it will be hard for you to find better music - probably ever.
              • Cyrilnoya's avatar
                This an amazing album, I bought it when it was released but why these kind of prices, it completely out of control. The vinyls market should not be like the Nasdaq....
                • Cliff_Freeword's avatar
                  Edited 5 years ago
                  What a brilliant Album ! Smooth, sweet, deep, warm, soft, flying... A piece of art, helped by the previous single : "Garde-le Pour Toi". All is excellent in this album, timeless tracks, a must have ! "Paradis" reprise is a real surprise; keep an ear on their adaptation of "La Ballade de Jim" too... French talentuous duo.
                  • soundspace's avatar
                    Quality pressing. Definitely one of the better electronic genre records I own. They really put the effort into every aspect of this release. Highly recommended.
                    Also, check out Roosevelt if you like this.

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