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VariousStaedtizism 2

Style:Dub, IDM, Minimal


SystemRed Click4:57
Jan JelinekThe Village Vanguard4:43
John TejadaA World So Wide4:59
ProcessLevel Cascade6:31
Nolte21st Century Schizoid Man Or How To Lose Your Head Baby5:38
Bus (2)Tamed Lion4:16
Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub PlayersXYZ (Our Version)3:09
Sad RocketsCascais7:27
Low ResRamen #16:33
Kit ClaytonPainting Between Numbers6:19

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Cover of Staedtizism 2, 2001-04-27, CDStaedtizism 2
CD, Compilation
~scape – ~scape 008 cd, ~scape – ~scape 008Germany2001Germany2001
Cover of Staedtizism 2, 2001-04-28, VinylStaedtizism 2
~scape – sc 008Germany2001Germany2001
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Cover of Staedtizism 2, 2001, VinylStaedtizism 2
2×LP, Promo, White Label, Compilation
~scape – sc 008Germany2001Germany2001
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Edited 6 years ago
The A and B sides are both quite good and varied - a particular standout is Nolte's "21st Century Schizoid Man." It reminds me immensely of Floating Points. The C and D sides are mixed, not that great overall. The closer is probably the best of those 6 but they are lacking in finished ideas, there are a number of interesting sounds they just don't congeal well. Overall it's probably worth a purchase simply for Nolte's track.
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No idea why the best time of the day for a good dream seems to be dawn. However, these short periods of time, periods of transit, during which the day transforms from dark into light, from silence into noise or the other way around, are very special moments of our daily 24 hours. It almost seems like the city, just for a moment, has gone offline, in order to prepare for the things to come.
Being offline is wonderful. The computer has been put to sleep, your favorite record is playing, you look out of the window to catch a quick snapshot of the city, a little picture of endless rest and calmness. A picture for those moments when the city suddenly is slower than you and you, by pushing an imaginary button, can freeze a whole road. Listening to Staedtizism 2, it almost seems like all the producers managed to make music for exactly these personal field trips. Short soundtracks for you only, engaging like the last remaining piece in the puzzle of the daily reset. As far as new music is concerned, a lot of things have happenend since the release of the first Staedtizism compilation (EFA# 27105-2/-6) about a year ago. Therefore, the second part of the compilation series features tracks by artists working in the currently most interesting fields. Their visions just fit our times. For Staedtizism 2, projects like system, the Danish supergroup with THOMAS 'OPIATE' KNAK and ANDERS 'DUB TRAKTOR' REMMER joined forces with scape as did LOW RES and JOHN TEJADA out of the Californian Plug Research camp. Even Plug Research founder ALAN AVANESSIAN, supported by DNTEL and his father J.A. TAMBORELLO (saxophone) is on there under the pseudonym HEADSET. PROCESS from Brighton, well known for his works on FatCat and Traum, BEIGE, Leaf Records' sensation from 2000, SAD ROCKETS (Matador) and unknown artists like NOLTE and BUS they all made their computer-based dawn reveries available to ~scape. In such a context, musical backup from ~scape InHouse stars BURNT FRIEDMAN & THE NU DUB PLAYERS is as natural as the fact that this international group of artists used very different strategies in order to bring the fundamentals of the Staedtizism idea like reset, calmness or rest to life. The crackling fascination of noisy chords (SYSTEM) meet friendly yet eccentric ideas of House (JOHN TEJADA), microscopic and highly accurate experiements in Jazz (low res) and the Reich-influenced deconstruction of an electric piano (kit clayton).Once again ~scape offers a very special view on the city and what makes the place so special. No doubt that it will be possible to have better dreams that way every time when, at dawn, the city belongs to you. Welcome to Staedtizism 2.