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From The East Intro0:31
Beaten Thursdays3:43
Aborted Hugs1:29
The Class Of 73 Bells4:58
Girlfriend Boyfriend3:22
Smoking Red2:55
Prog Version Slowly Crushed3:32
Noreaster Cheer2:30
Let It Ring3:08
17 Seconds Interlude1:01
I Knew You Were Gonna Go4:01
Pomade Suite Version One5:46
Spaced + Dissonant4:14
Preparation Outro Version5:02
For Her Non-Place5:50
Preparation One0:44
Thorough Light3:45
Spacious And Dissonant Part 26:49
Preparation Two0:49
Over Ensembles4:27
The Last4:40
Humidity Interlude1:35
The Ground We Lift3:23
Preparation Three0:54
Let It Ring Ensembles4:20
Out We Will Go2:15
Prepared As It Was5:03

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6 versions
Cover of Preparations, 2007-10-15, VinylPreparations
2×LP, Album; CD
Warp Records – WARP LP 158, Warp Records – WARP CD 158UK2007UK2007
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Cover of Preparations, 2007-10-15, CDPreparations
CD, Album; CD
Warp Records – WARPCD158UK2007UK2007
Cover of Preparations, 2007-10-00, CDPreparations
CD, Promo, Album
Cardboard Sleeve
Warp Records – WARPCD158PUK2007UK2007
Recently Edited
Cover of Preparations, 2007-09-22, CDPreparations
2×CD, Album
Beat Records – BRC-184, Warp Records – BRC-184Japan2007Japan2007
New Submission
Cover of Preparations, 2007-10-15, CDPreparations
CD, Album; CD
Warp Records – WARPCD158US2007US2007
New Submission
Cover of Preparations & Interregnums, 2007-10-15, FilePreparations & Interregnums
29×File, WAV, Album
Warp Records – WARPD158UK2007UK2007
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Edited 3 years ago
Great albumin hindsight. This album turned me off a little when new and due to it being a give the people what they want LP - it wasn't anything NEW new - but treading similar ground to past endeavors. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE BONUS CD. It's a key part of this particular version of the release. Bought it when it dropped on wax (+bonus CD) - nice packaging...didn't lock onto any tunes to play out but at the time...then I rediscovered it and played it loud on a system setting up at a gig and now I'm glad to have this often-written-off gem in my repertoire. Give it a whirl or revisit through a decent system with the volume up a bit. Proud owner. Interregnums is the thing to check out. No crazy edits and stuff but the lush and chill orchestrations and such. I this release much more now than when it was released - out of context and with bonus CD.
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Prefuse 73 continues who abstract hip-hop takedown with PREPARATIONS, continuing with more
mist and melodic flourishes, as with the twinkling of "Beaten Thursdays" or the quasi-jazz that starts off "Aborted Hugs" before it shifts into warmth. The warmth extends onto the sunny mist of "Girlfriend Boyfriend," while "Prog Version Slowly Crushed" offers more grandeur. "Noreaster Cheer" brings in a touch of easy listening, and "Let It Ring" gets back to more hip-hop. A twinge of folksiness dances around the beats of "I Knew You Were Gonna Go," The assemblage of "Spaced + Dissonant" has a sweetness to it before the thrumming of "Preparation Outro Version" brings the first disc to a close. But the strongest track here has to be the collaboration with School of 7 Bells, "The Class Of 73 Bells." Essentially a remix their "iamundernodisguise," the track becomes blend of ethereal folk, harmonic vocals and beats is quite irresistible. On the INTERREGNUMS disc, he shows off his more orchestral side, as "For Her Non-Place" pours on the melancholy with its piano and string combination, while the more spacious "Thorough Light" drifts in as if from a soundtrack. "Spacious And Dissonant Part 2" brings in the chorus, and "Pitu" the long sweeping vistas. "Over Ensembles" swells with the strings, and "The Last" is all about the bliss. "Sunbeamstress" could have been an early Savath + Savales track, while "The Ground We Lift" takes a page out of Tim Hecker. "Let It Ring Ensembles" is a haunting composition, and "Prepared As It Was" closes out the album with another choral ensemble. Prepare yourself!