Moskow Reise (Original)
Moskow Reise (Blackstrobe Remix)
Moskow Reise (The Horrorist Remix)

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    Cover of Moskow Reise, 2003-12-00, VinylMoskow Reise
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
    GoodLife – GL021, [PIAS] – 252 1021 130France2003France2003
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    Moskow Reisen EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Promo, White Label, Stickered
    GoodLife – GL021France2003France2003
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      Edited 6 years ago
      You really can't go wrong no matter what mix you choose here.

      The original is a throbbing EBM-meets-Techno monster, complete with menacing vocals & aggressive synth stabs. It's hard to hear who had the biggest influence on the track, as it does sound a little bit Hacker, a little bit Carretta and a little bit Millimetric.

      I know that sounds funny, but usually you can tell an overpowering influence when there are collaborations like this.

      Blackstrobe provide their typical sound (for this time) on their remix. Anyone familiar with their remix of Abusator will know what to expect. A melodic rolling bassline with screaming synths, and overall you just think of Arnie pumping iron.

      Finally there is the remix by that filthy bastard The Horrorist.

      Dare I say, Oliver produces the pick of the mixes. Straight, driving, relentless.

      He takes the original mix and strips it right down into a punishing machine. No happy vibes, no mercy, no release.

      The hi-hats sting, the vocals are brought right up to the main stage, the evil riff does not let go.

      As I said, no matter what mix you choose on this 12" it will result in a sweaty mess on the dancefloor.

      Music For Boys.

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