FuturiskWhat We Have To Have / (You're In The) Army Now


This Side
What We Have To Have2:00
That Side
Army Now4:24

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    Cover of What We Have To Have / (You're In The) Army Now, 1980, VinylWhat We Have To Have / (You're In The) Army Now
    7", 45 RPM
    Clark Humphrey Records – CH001US1980US1980
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    Cover of The Sound Of Futurism, 1980, VinylThe Sound Of Futurism
    7", 45 RPM, Numbered
    Clark Humphrey Records – CH001US1980US1980
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    • barry.patton.75's avatar
      Just so everyone is on the same page with song titles: This Side is "What We Have To Have". That Side is "Army Now".
      • technobug00's avatar
        Edited 17 years ago
        An essential piece of work, The Sound Of Futurism is a record that perfectly blends the first steps of modern synthpunk with abstract noise, with a deep, deep production value.

        On side A, Army Now, this dizzy, fuzzy, mixed hymn to war, blows up in a burst of conflicting synths and crunchy guitars. The vocal delievery is delicious, complementing the music perfectly, being as gritty and film-noir as possible.

        On side B, Futurisk unveil what may be their most forgotten piece of work, the bittersweet What We Have To Have. Starting with a squarish, happy synth, the melody soon drown into more somber tones and finally reveal a hint of... ehm, "musical cynism", if you know what I mean.

        And that's where it ends. After searching this vynil for... oh, well, way too long to remember, I was kind of disappointed that it barely lasted 7 minutes. But in retrospective, these 7 minutes of music were amongst the best ones I've ever experienced.

        A truly visionary record.

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