Cold Hate
Blood Everywhere
The Machine
Orgy Of Self Mutilation
El Shaddi

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    Cover of The Machine, 1993, CDThe Machine
    CD, Album
    Nuclear Blast – NB 089-2Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of The Machine, 1993-09-00, CassetteThe Machine
    Cassette, Album
    Release Entertainment – R.R. 6049-4, Relapse Records – R.R. 6049-4US1993US1993
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    Cover of The Machine, 1993-09-00, CDThe Machine
    CD, Album
    Release Entertainment – R.R. 6049-2, Relapse Records – R.R. 6049-2US1993US1993
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    Cover of The Machine, 1993, VinylThe Machine
    LP, Album, Blue Transparent
    Nuclear Blast – NB 089-1Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of The Machine, 1993, CDThe Machine
    CD, Album, Promo
    Release Entertainment – RR6049, Relapse Records – RR6049US1993US1993
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    Cover of The Machine, 1994, CassetteThe Machine
    Cassette, Album
    Loud Out Records – l.o.r. 098-94, Relapse Records – R.R. 6049-4Poland1994Poland1994
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    • TheDownwardVinyl's avatar
      A highly underrated album. I would guess the project was influenced more by Godflesh than Pitch Shifter. The tracks are very slow and heavy. I would consider this to be categorized more as Doom Industrial than Industrial Metal. Some tracks are almost melodic and danceable. I definitely recommend picking up this album!
      • stmayhem's avatar
        This is a groundbreaking and classic 'industrial metal' album. Although being clearly influenced by Pitch Shifter, The Machine is heavier, colder and more evil (simply amazing lyrics!). I can't believe it was recorded in 1992, 16 years ago, it still sounds fresh, production is flawless and hasn't dated at all (unlike Pitch Shifter, even though I love them too). The main thing here is cold monotonous vocals, truly 'industrial' claustrophobic atmosphere, ultra-heavy guitars and meaty drumming, all combined with bleak visions of reality and pointlessness of modern human life in lyrics. In other words, a total classic, and if you only have to have one 'industrial metal' album, let The Machine be it. You won't regret it.

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