Animal Style
FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix)
Airborne Latency
Fridge Challenge

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    Cover of Wonderland, 2016-11-17, VinylWonderland
    2×LP, Album
    Lime, Smoked-Out
    Modern Love – LOVE 105UK2016UK2016
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    Cover of Wonderland, 2016-11-17, VinylWonderland
    2×LP, Album
    Modern Love – LOVE105UK2016UK2016
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    Cover of Wonderland, 2016-11-16, CDWonderland
    CD, Album; CD, Compilation; CD, Compilation; All Media, Album, Deluxe Edition
    Modern Love – LOVE105CDUK2016UK2016
    Cover of Wonderland, 2016-12-02, FileWonderland
    9×File, MP3, Album
    320 kbps
    Modern Love – LOVE105UK2016UK2016
    Cover of Wonderland, 2016, CDWonderland
    CD, Album
    Modern Love – LOVE105CDUK2016UK2016
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    • Cardia1's avatar
      In my opinion not of their strongest albums, is it my impression or Modern Love has been releasing music with too much bass? I personally don't like that kind of sound edition. Anyway, i found the cd1 (main album) Enjoyable, though it feels like Demdike Stare has placed more efforts in rhythms and sounds than in melody. "Overstaying" is my favorite track. The Cd 2 & 3 are very much alike to each other, honestly i think they are no big deal, too much noise and uninspiring melodies/tunes. Demdike Satre has done definitely much better than this.
      • delaneywm's avatar
        Edited 5 years ago
        Speculative pricing for the special addition aside, this is a really fun and remarkable record from this crew. Highly worth your while. Filthy, adventurous and addictive.
        • thezovietdada's avatar
          As much as I love the dark sampledelic Demdike of old, I have to say I've almost enjoyed more the post-Test Pressing series reinvention of the project as a forward-looking, post-deep tracks quality jungle/ original hardcore/ chune/ technoid whatever thing. As has been kinda said, the pair have a serious level of integrity that lacks in even the best bin-fossils from the original daze (think a hybridization of the best tracks/sounds minus any possible cheese factor), and honestly I feel like they're using some of their better, more professional musical skills here than in the smorgasbord of the Symbiosis thru Elemental era. The one thing I appreciate is how much more solid and physical the sound feels, a sound I feel is first heard in Miles last album & EP/ Millie Andrea collab w/ Andy Stott that has come back to pollenate the duo's work. A forward-thinking yet time-honored mix of sounds.

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