Take a Moment To Relax
Please Keep Shopping
Quiet World
Happy Pills
Medication World
Trans Tranquilize Air
Comfort Zone
Take A Moment To Relax (Remix)
Permanent Cream Relaxer
Nothing Can Go Wrong
Elevator Samba
Please Keep Shopping (Instrumental)
Happy Endings

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    Cover of Relaxalot, 2015, VinylRelaxalot
    2×10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Tino Corp. – TINO 2015, Holofonic Recordings – TINO 2015US2015US2015
    New Submission
    Cover of Relaxalot, 2015, FileRelaxalot
    14×File, FLAC, Album
    Tino Corp. – noneUS2015US2015
    New Submission



    • timcdisc's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Holy cow I was lucky to pick this up at list at MBM show at the time (and 229/250 phew!)... And what a record, it combines typical DHS with like 70s lounge style... I mean sort of, it's hard to describe. One of the most creative things I've heard in a looong time. If you have the means....
      • MacsenWledig's avatar
        I simultaneously agree that this is worth a premium and wish to hell it wasn't.
        • Richard_23's avatar

          Although I loathe shopping as well as being marketed so-called "dub versions" of popular music by algorithms and salesfolk, this is one offer you cannot afford to miss! I thoroughly dig this self contained stereophonic experience. Let Ben Stokes be your truth-in-advertising hero. Whenever I listen to Quietworld I inevitably Relaxalot. And you can too! That's why I've been a satisfied DHS customer since 1991!

          Unless you've just come out from under a rock (Ungh!) and aren't already conversant in DHS (Dimensional Holofonic Sound, not the other post-9/11 imposter), Tino or at the very least Jack Dangers and that whole Meat Beat Manifesto side project which has finally united Stokes and Dangers, it's as good a time as any to acquaint yourself. "Seeing is believing." You'll be glad you did!

          If you don't know what I'm raving about, start DHS - House of God or Holofonic and you'll know what to do next.

          If you're hip to this material already, good human! There are many worlds to explore... Relaxalot inevitably triggers Negativland flashbacks in my head when I let Quietland wash over me.

          Steel Porn Rhino makes for a refreshing palate cleanser when one has relaxed too much.
          Your mileage may vary depending on your propulsion method. Good luck!
          • matt2011's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            This is a great album, Stokes always seems to come up with some very interesting concepts, then knocks those concepts out of the park. The production is top notch, and even though the vocal samples make the listen a bit disturbing, the music is legitimately relaxing to listen to. A very creative piece of work that demands multiple listens!
            • breizhwaren's avatar
              Do you get the digitals with the wax or separately?
              • nothing23's avatar
                If you want some peace and quiet. You want to relax. This is the grooviest way to get there. Five stars.

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