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Fuck You!
The Addicts Are Drug Smugglers

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March 4, 2019
referencing Fuck You!, 12", BAWOPØØ8
Can't add much to the reviews but I do remember when these were released (most all at the same time, iirc) that the guy selling them was indeed bearded :) Whether he was an Acid Warrior of Peace is open to debate, but I suspect so :)

Quality label that popped up out of nowhere then disappeared just as quickly. Gutted I sold my copy of this one... desperate times call for desperate measures.


June 6, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Fuck You!, 12", BAWOPØØ8
Can't understand the consistant high prices for this there are better BWOAP tracks - probably only because of the wicked break and very silly sample - as Nickacid mentioned on Fuck You - It is a good track

The B-side is disappointing

I would like to hear a fresh take on this maybe a re-release/press and some remixes of Fuck You.

Don't like acid , fuck off - is one of the best samples ever in acid techno though makes me smile everytime I listen to it when I need it :)

Still beats all the new acid shit sorry - Pete - please contact me - nothing like the old stuff


December 8, 2007
referencing Fuck You!, 12", BAWOPØØ8

The sample from 'fuck you' just about says it all.. 'if you don't like acid... you can fuck off!' Brilliant release on this label, 'fuck you' is a hard as nails acid track, a fierce kick drum and skank's trademark 303 abuse. For me though 'the addicts are drug smugglers' is where it's at. More cheeky and swirly but still pure hard acid; complete sonic chaos, the tune is amazingly produced (as with all Skank's tunes) manic percussion, spot-on kick drums and beautiful 303 action, with perhaps the best drop in ANY tune.
'The addicts..' builds with layer upon layer of 303's. cheeky & irrestibly danceable the tune builds and builds until the sample drops, and before you know it a distorted, deep 303 leaps out the speaker - if you've ever heard this through a soundsystem and seen the reaction, it's unreal: complete dancefloor devastation!!
My absolute favourite acid techno tune, one that never fails to get people leaning over the decks ('what is THIS?')