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The Magnetic Fields50 Song Memoir

Style:Indie Rock


'66 Wonder Where I'm From2:44
'67 Come Back As A Cockroach2:34
'68 A Cat Called Dionysus2:46
'69 Judy Garland3:17
'70 They're Killing Children Over There2:36
'71 I Think I'll Make Another World2:57
'72 Eye Contact2:55
'73 It Could Have Been Paradise3:07
'74 No2:57
'75 My Mama Ain't3:01
'76 Hustle 763:16
'77 Life Ain't All Bad4:16
'78 The Blizzard Of '783:15
'79 Rock'n'Roll Will Ruin Your Life2:58
'80 London By Jetpack2:58
'81 How To Play The Synthesizer3:06
'82 Happy Beeping3:10
'83 Foxx And I2:43
'84 Danceteria!3:09
'85 Why I Am Not A Teenager3:07
'86 How I Failed Ethics2:58
'87 At The Pyramid3:10
'88 Ethan Frome2:24
'89 The 1989 Musical Marching Zoo3:06
'90 Dreaming In Tetris3:21
'91 The Day I Finally...2:20
'92 Weird Diseases3:10
'93 Me And Fred And Dave And Ted3:08
'94 Haven't Got A Penny2:53
'95 A Serious Mistake3:13
'96 I'm Sad!2:12
'97 Eurodisco Trio3:15
'98 Lovers' Lies3:06
'99 Fathers In The Clouds2:52
'00 Ghosts Of The Marathon Dancers3:05
'01 Have You Seen It In The Snow?2:51
'02 Be True To Your Bar3:34
'03 The Ex And I2:59
'04 Cold-Blooded Man3:06
'05 Never Again3:19
'06 "Quotes"2:17
'07 In The Snow White Cottages2:52
'08 Surfin'2:47
'09 Till You Come Back To Me2:29
'10 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea3:03
'11 Stupid Tears2:45
'12 You Can Never Go Back To New York3:12
'13 Big Enough For Both Of Us3:04
'14 I Wish I Had Pictures3:07
'15 Somebody's Fetish3:45

Credits (38)


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    Cover of 50 Song Memoir, 2017-03-03, Vinyl50 Song Memoir
    5×LP, Album
    Nonesuch – 558154-1US2017US2017
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    Cover of 50 Song Memoir, 2017-03-10, CD50 Song Memoir
    5×CD; Box Set, Album
    Nonesuch – 7559-79409-0, Nonesuch – 7559794090USA & Europe2017USA & Europe2017
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    Cover of 50 Song Memoir, 2017-03-10, All Media50 Song Memoir
    All Media
    ; 50×File, MP3, Album
    320 kbps
    Nonesuch – 558883-MH8, Nonesuch – 558883-5, Nonesuch – 558154-1
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    New Submission
    Cover of 50 Song Memoir, 2017-04-26, CD50 Song Memoir
    5×CD, Album
    Nonesuch – WPCR-17663Japan2017Japan2017
    New Submission
    Cover of 50 Song Memoir, 2017, CD50 Song Memoir
    5×CD, Album, Promo
    Nonesuch – PRO 559419, Nonesuch – 558154US2017US2017
    New Submission


    • assainssa's avatar
      Is there anyone who has their signed copy? When I preordered this album, they said that it would be a signed copy, but they canceled that order later. I wonder that they canceled all signed copy orders or just my order.