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March 20, 2019
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Being a longtime fan of Murphy's Law, I was very excited when I heard back in 2014 that the band signed to I Scream Records and are planning to re-release all their albums, furthermore stating that "each re-issued album will feature previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork and will be available on CD, digitally (for the first time ever) as well as on full length vinyl." Didn't care much about digital and vinyl, but was looking forward to bonus tracks and new artwork. What we received in the end was below any expectations. Either I Scream Records or the band did very sloppy job with this re-issue, as it featured (almost) none of the announced, and felt more like a cash grab release. "New artwork" in non-existent; we got 2-page uninspired blank booklet with generic credits copied from original release that anyone with basic knowledge in Paintbrush could have put together. I had hoped the booklet would be filled with cool liner notes, maybe even lyrics, or facts and info about tracks, or some sort of short biography - at least...! Unfortunately - we got NOTHING of the sort! Even the bonus track (singular!) "Sit Home And Rot" (what sounds like an old demo version) is sub-par quality, and I wonder if this release would be even better without it...! There is original "Sit Home And Rot" track on the album, and listening to both of them, the "bonus" is obviously a very bad sounding demo - that differs in the sound and quality and hiss noise levels from the rest of the tracks. Adding this as a bonus track make no sense, nor it is credited or explained why it is on here. Maybe someone in the record company thought it would add up to something to make this release more interesting... Makes me wonder, since none of the tracks from "Bong Blast" (for example) or from some of band's early EP's or 7" are included! Not to mention that this re-issue has obviously NOT been remastered (as there are no notes on CD, booklet, or elsewhere that it was remastered). To conclude, this re-release have no collector's value at all, but it is okay to have if you were unlucky to have the original release from back in a day.

Murphy's Law (2) - Murphy's Law DomCasual

December 22, 2010
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This debut album by Murphy's Law was indeed pressed in large quantities on green vinyl, with a decal on the shrinkwrap indicating Green Vinyl Edition. There are also copies which do not have the Green Vinyl decal on the shrinkwrap, but I've just opened one which was sealed without the decal and it too was on the common green vinyl. I don't believe that there's a way to tell from a sealed copy if it is or isn't on black vinyl. It is definitely far rarer on black wax. A classic and unique NYHC record with loads of humor, this is still worth owning no matter what color the vinyl.

Murphy's Law (2) - Murphy's Law johnnyfirecloud

December 9, 2011
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I have a black and a green version. The black one is translucent. Definitely a classic album.