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    Cover of Rhythm Shower, 1973, VinylRhythm Shower
    LP, Album
    Upsetter – TBL-195Jamaica1973Jamaica1973
    New Submission
    Cover of Rhythm Shower, 1973, VinylRhythm Shower
    LP, Album, Promo, Test Pressing, White Label
    Upsetter (2) – TBL 195, Trojan Records – TBL 195UK1973UK1973
    New Submission
    Cover of Rhythm Shower, 1973, VinylRhythm Shower
    LP, Album, Promo, Test Pressing, White Label
    Upsetter – TBL-195Jamaica1973Jamaica1973
    New Submission
    Cover of Rhythm Shower, 2018-10-12, VinylRhythm Shower
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Get On Down – GET57012-LPAUS2018US2018
    New Submission
    • thomes's avatar
      Nice quality repress of this gem included in the relatively cheap to get The Upsetter Box
      • drgn238's avatar
        There are BUMPS on each & every copy of this ! I tried 6 ( SIX ) copies & know what I am talking about . It looks ( and SOUNDS ) like it was pressed in the middle of ...
        If you like / love the sound of huge logs making winter open fire noises - just go for it !
        But , if you would like to listen to music ( sounds , methinks ) go ANYWHERE else !
        As simple as that .
        • AlwaysThereTJ's avatar
          In my opinion, this Get on Down reissue of "Rhythm Shower" isn't as bad as folks are making it out to be. It's not perfect by any means, but it certainly gets the job done for a decent repress of an otherwise underrated and difficult to find album. The sound is definitely not as bad as people are saying, having compared it to the recent CD reissue from Trojan with 4 Upsetters albums that were released on that label, the sound is essentially the same quality as what is available there and so I'm personally satisfied. There are definitely issues with bumps on the vinyl as my copy also has that issue, however I don't find it to effect the play so it's something I can let go. Again, all in all this isn't as terrible a pressing as it's being made out to be. For the sake of having an occasional listen to a great Upsetters album, it'll definitely suffice. Cool presentation as well, with the plain board sleeve and slip-on with information. It definitely gives you a sense of how limited this release was initially back in the 70's. I'd say don't be shy to grab a copy if you're an Upsetters fan!
          • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
            So hear we go! Again! Repressers going out for the cheap buck BECAUSE the new school of vinyl listeners are not savvy to the earlier sound... My friends of the new and future generations I say, DO NOT SUCCUMB! Also, try not to become an audiophile? Just become a listener of your own conscience! Listen to the original sounds ... Keep it raw!
            • Don_Julian's avatar
              Edited 2 years ago
              for who is interested, the rhythms used for track B5 "Operation" are as follows:
              a: The Upsetters - Long Sentence (released on Double Seven,
              also used for Prince Jazzbo - Weepin' And Wailin'; but slowed down for this medley)
              b: Wesley Germs - Whiplash
              c: Junior Byles - Fever (originally used for King Medious - This World)
              d: The Upsetters - Tipper Special (also used as the dub for The Upsetters - Sunshine Showdown,
              itself a version of The Stingers - Give Me Power)
              • bassmeup's avatar
                To all you Fellas who commented on this item and its pressing. Here I am just about to scoop me up a copy BUT like you fellas, sounding and the way the vinyl plays matters to me? Bumps on any vinyl isnt good? I certainly would be pissed if these bumps happen to do any kind of damages to my syllabus and or needle. I'm out!!! As much as I like the Uppsetters sound has everything to do with why I'm purchasing any vinyl record. I will say, it's so disappointing to finally get possession of a LP, and the sounding isnt even half of what the true sound should be. Thanks.
                • drgn238's avatar
                  Just the same problem : Visually easy to be seen bubbles in vinyl, whisch can mean only one & Obvious thing
                  and that is BAAAAAD PRESSING. As simple as that. Anybody home ar Get On Down ?
                  There's money to be get on any thing with Lee Perry on, i do understand your point, but
                  press it decent, at least. OK ?
                  • anyoneelsescopy's avatar
                    Got two copies, both have visual pressing flaws, bubbles in the vinyl.
                    • doctorninja's avatar
                      This is included in the 1985 release Lee 'Scratch' Perry*, The Upsetters & Friends* ‎– The Upsetter Box Set
                      • Lklyne's avatar
                        Edited 5 years ago
                        If anyone has a copy in decent shape,please email me! This record is very valuable. GENUINE BUYER .Childhood record for me! Thank you

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