Big Big TrainGrimspound

Style:Prog Rock


Brave Captain(12:37)
Part 1: Captain Albert Ball Cradled In The Arms Of Mademoiselle Lieppe-Coulon, May 7th 1917
Part 2: Memorial To Captain Albert Ball, Nottingham Castle Ground 1973
Part 3: "The Great Game"
Part 4: Annoeullin (The Present Day)
On The Racing Line5:12
Experimental Gentlemen(10:01)
Part 1: Reflectors Of Light
Part 2: Merchants Of Light
Part 3: The Wonder Of It All
The Ivy Gate7:27
A Mead Hall In Winter15:20
As The Crow Flies6:44

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    Cover of Grimspound, 2017-04-28, CDGrimspound
    CD, Album, Digisleeve
    English Electric Recordings – EERCD0019, Giant Electric Pea – GEPCD1054UK2017UK2017
    Cover of Grimspound, 2017-04-28, VinylGrimspound
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Opaque Vinyl
    Plane Groovy – PLG050UK2017UK2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Grimspound, 2017-04-28, VinylGrimspound
    2×LP, Album
    Plane Groovy – PLG050UK2017UK2017
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    Cover of Grimspound, 2017, CDGrimspound
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    English Electric Recordings (2) – EERCD0019, Giant Electric Pea (2) – GEPCD1054Russia2017Russia2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Grimspound, 2017, FileGrimspound
    8×File, FLAC, Album, 24bit 96kHz
    Not On Label (Big Big Train Self-released) – none20172017
    Cover of Grimspound, 2017-02-18, VinylGrimspound
    2×LP, Album, Test Pressing
    Plane Groovy – PLG050UK2017UK2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Grimspound, 2017-04-28, CDGrimspound
    CD, Album
    English Electric Recordings – DUPG238Japan2017Japan2017
    New Submission



    • RoomSounds's avatar
      "Grimspound" was first conceived as a companion EP to 2016's "Folklore"... until it inadvertently grew to become a stand alone album by its own right.

      Which, in all fairness, it's the status this great fistful of songs deserve.

      To be honest, when it was released I thought it was a little under par compared to "Folklore" and the magnificent "English Electric" saga, maybe due to the fact of not having a "London Plane" or a "Swan Hunter" within its tracklist, songs that got me hooked to the albums they are featured in.

      Only the initial "Brave Captain" really stuck with me for several months, and I still think it's one of the band's finest moments.

      However, as time went by, I started to give it more chances to get it into my system... until it finally unfolded in all its strength.
      It is true that songs like "On The Racing Line" or "Experimental Gentlemen" still haven't "clicked" in me, so that would drag my general opinion on the whole thing but, then again, we have the utterly beautiful "Meadowland" that could have been easily been written by Genesis during the "Foxtrot" sessions as a follow-up to "Horizons" and it's the nursery rhyme I'd play and sing to my kids each night if I had them!

      The title track follows, slowly building up to some great and interesting instrumental interplay, in the best British classic prog fashion.

      "The Ivy Gate" is a highlight for sure, with a great contrast between a dark ghost story and the sweet voice interplay between David Longdon and Judy Dyble that grows into a more fitting dark and dramatic tone as the story progresses.

      "A Mead Hall In Winter" is the epic of the album; clocking at 15 minutes, it achieves the perfect connection of great melodies and progressive instrumental adventure.
      "As The Crow Flies" closes the whole thing without a great stylistic departure from previous songs but, once again, a nice male- female vocal interplay takes the whole thing to the next level!
      A nice closer to an album that can be a little more demanding than its predecessors, but that will compensate tenfold the listeners' dedication, as many great albums do!

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