Cosmic BabyStellar Supreme


The Space Track8:37
Stimme Der Energie6:25
Stellar Supreme6:11
Heaven's Tears6:09
Planet Earth 1993 (Blue)5:48
The Pianotrack (Yellow)5:10
Sea Of Tranquility3:19
Cosmikk Trigger 5.1.1:01
Sweet Dreams For Kaa - My Love5:37
Studio Or Spaceship0:51
Cosmic Force4:55
Liebe (Red)6:44
The Universal Mind5:33

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    Cover of Stellar Supreme, 1992-11-09, CDStellar Supreme
    CD, Album
    MFS – MFS 7033-2Germany1992Germany1992
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    Cover of Stellar Supreme - The Clubmixes, 1992, VinylStellar Supreme - The Clubmixes
    LP, Album
    MFS – MFS 7033-1Germany1992Germany1992
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    Cover of Stellar Supreme - The Clubmixes, 1992, VinylStellar Supreme - The Clubmixes
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Promo
    MFS – MFS 7033-1Germany1992Germany1992
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    Cover of Stellar Supreme, 1994, CDStellar Supreme
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Logic Records – LOC LP 9, Logic Records – Loc LP 9, Logic Records – 74321 19492-2
    +1 more label...
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    Cover of Stellar Supreme, 1998, CDStellar Supreme
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Time Out Of Mind – T.O.O.M. 008/CDGermany1998Germany1998
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    Cover of Stellar Supreme, 2007-06-01, FileStellar Supreme
    18×File, MP3, Album
    320 kbps
    Time Out Of Mind – TOOM301Germany2007Germany2007
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    • Swivelly's avatar
      For anyone after the Space Track on this but not willing to pay these prices, you can find it on here... Various - X-Mix-1 - The MFS Trip

      It's partly mixed but still pretty much the whole track in length. Well worth buying in my opinion.
      • Hollowmind's avatar
        Go for the reissue ! Veuillez en saisir au minimum 5 de plus.
        • 1975dave's avatar
          Top album all of his works are amust for any techno fan the techno wisard of the nineties☺
          • Vit75934's avatar
            Cosmic Baby - this is godfather of dream trance & real teacher for Paul Van Dyk!!!
            • finulander's avatar
              Wouldn't say no to a 2xLP reissue of this "Baby"
              • 1975dave's avatar
                pure bliss got all of cosmic baby's albums and eps singles discovered through jam and spoon and sven vath two other great artists
                what can I say check out listen not hear you want to seek emotion reflection you like techno ambient or classical has all to delight distil*******
                • Reptillian's avatar
                  When will this masterpiece get a nice vinyl reissue? I used to play this album so much and the remix singles on my college radio show. At the time, nothing compared to how thoughtful he weaved in trance, techno and ambient in this sound. Personally I think it still sounds amazing but I am so connected to it - need this on vinyl,
                  • japedumarie's avatar
                    I love this album !! It's exactly how I like it ... Oldschool trance waves with acid lines. Heaven's Tears for me the highlight of the album. Excellent trance waves and beautiful melody. A must-have this album if you like the better years of Trance music.
                    • fabriknos's avatar
                      Edited 6 years ago
                      One thing that has always confused me about this CD... The Space Track seems to have a phase-inverted bassline, it's very flat and there's no low end to it. Every other element sounds OK, considering the time period. But if you listen to Space Track on Paul Van Dyk's X-Mix - The MFS Trip mix, it's got a way fatter bassline. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this an issue with the CD pressing only?
                      • flexy123's avatar
                        Groundbreaking! This was probably the first ever "techno" CD I came across, back at a time when I was entirely new to this genre. I remember someone getting this CD and playing it while we stared at "psychodelic" patterns running on an computer as visual background to the music :) Yes, it may sound a 'lil dated today but it's still unique, minimalistic yet highly melodic/uplifting. Back at the time techno for me was repetitive "boom boom", but this was entirely different, back then I thought this was probably the best album ever :)

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