Pearl Jam ‎– Live At The Gorge 05/06



Sept. 1st 2005
I Believe In Miracles 6:08
Small Town 4:57
Off He Goes 5:02
Low Light 4:07
Man Of The Hour 5:23
I Am Mine 4:04
Crazy Mary 7:17
Black 7:08
Hard To Imagine 4:45
Given To Fly 3:50
Last Exit 2:28
Save You 3:44
Do The Evolution 3:55
Alone 2:44
Sad 3:30
Even Flow 6:07
Not For You 6:45
Corduroy 4:41
Dissident 5:23
MFC 2:36
Undone 4:28
Daughter 6:34
In My Tree 4:45
State Of Love And Trust 3:48
Alive 7:08
Porch 7:30
Encore Break 1:40
Love Boat Captain 5:03
Insignificance 4:43
Better Man 5:25
Rearviewmirror 9:17
I Won't Back Down 3:32
Last Kiss 3:27
Crown Of Thorns 6:36
Blood 5:26
Yellow Ledbetter 5:19
Baba O'Riley 4:48
July 22nd 2006
Wash 4:28
Corduroy 4:31
Hail Hail 3:29
World Wide Suicide 3:33
Severed Hand 5:04
Given To Fly 3:44
Small Town 3:17
Even Flow 7:51
Down 3:23
I Am Mine 3:53
Unemployable 3:04
Daughter 8:50
Gone 4:18
Black 7:46
Insignificance 4:38
Life Wasted 3:47
Blood 3:23
Encore Break 1:37
Footsteps 5:03
Once 3:23
Alive 5:57
State Of Love And Trust 3:27
Crown Of Thorns 6:07
Leash 3:00
Porch 8:53
Last Kiss 3:13
Inside Job 6:31
Go 2:52
Baba O'Riley 6:03
Dirty Frank 5:26
Rockin' In The Free World 9:11
Yellow Ledbetter 9:14
July 23rd 2006
Severed Hand 4:50
Corduroy 4:36
World Wide Suicide 3:27
Gods' Dice 2:25
Animal 2:35
Do The Evolution 5:06
In Hiding 4:39
Green Disease 2:46
Even Flow 8:47
Marker In The Sand 4:12
Wasted Reprise 1:04
Better Man 7:36
Army Reserve 3:55
Garden 3:40
Rats 3:50
Whipping 2:37
Jeremy 5:20
Why Go 3:36
Encore Break 2:51
I Won't Back Down 3:08
Life Wasted 3:46
Big Wave 3:20
Satan's Bed 3:02
Spin The Black Circle 3:00
Alive 7:03
Given To Fly 3:54
Little Wing 5:13
Crazy Mary 8:09
Comatose 2:14
Fuckin' Up 8:13
Yellow Ledbetter 7:14

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
R2 188796 Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCD + Box, Ltd) Rhino Records (2) R2 188796 US 2007 Sell This Version
8122 79978 7 Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCD + Box) Rhino Entertainment Company 8122 79978 7 Europe 2007 Sell This Version
8122 79978 7 Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCD + Box) Rhino Entertainment Company 8122 79978 7 Brazil 2007 Sell This Version
8122 79978 7 Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCD + Box) Rhino Entertainment Company 8122 79978 7 Argentina 2007 Sell This Version
R2-229052 Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCD + Box) Rhino Entertainment Company R2-229052 Canada 2007 Sell This Version
none Pearl Jam Live At The Gorge 05/06(7xCDr, Promo, Box) Rhino Records (2) none Europe 2007 Sell This Version



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September 6, 2018
referencing Live At The Gorge 05/06, 7xCD + Box, Ltd, R2 188796

Referencing CD1-3 Sept. 1st 2005:

This show is a text book example that a great concert doesn't necessarily translate into a great bootleg - and vice versa. First off, I wasn't there, so I cannot comment on the show itself; however, being a Pearl Jam fan for many years, I can tell just by looking at the setlist chances are that it was a lifetime experience for the audience concerned. Let's think about it: an acoustic pre-set (which is a PJ fan wet dream), 30+ songs gig, medleys, tags, politics, rarities, fan favorites and other unusual business that makes this set one of the kind. It's one of those that bear a legendary status among PJ fandom and if anyone was actually there they can wear it like a badge of pride.

But then comes this bootleg box and right from the start my feeling is: it's a hit and miss stuff. Surely, there are elements of it that are just outstanding: Crown of Thorns, Hard to Imagine being the obvious, but also great performances of I Am Mine, Insignificance or Last Kiss. Also Yellow Ledbetter - a staple of almost every PJ show, played somehow untypically not as the last song of the night. You can hear the audience sing and chant, Vedder chatting about music, politics and teasing Tom Petty, not least with his I Won't Back Down cover. And those warm, majestic organ sounds by Boom Gaspar, who still played like he meant it.

But right next to it there is definitely something amiss here. Blame it on the sound engineer, who turned up Jeff Ament's backing vocals so that at times he is louder than Vedder. Blame it on guitarists, who play like they didn't eat a proper breakfast that day. Blame it on Vedder, who royally screws up songs like Off He Goes and bores me numb with his "Hello Tom, come down Tom, I'm sorry Tom!". I like when a band - this band - is relaxed on stage, but in this particular case they seem too relaxed, indifferent, and as another observer has put it: unglued. That's spot on - something's just not right, there's not enough of the good stuff here to induce goosebumps, something doesn't hold well enough together to make it a truly remarkable bootleg of one of their most famous shows in history.