Slip Inside You5:30
Onto The Body4:29
Guiding Light4:51
Dawn Purple3:01
Flowers Of Cantarella4:53

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    Cover of EXP, 2001, VinylEXP
    Tresor – Tresor. 167Germany2001Germany2001
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    Cover of EXP, 2001, CDEXP
    CD, Album
    Tresor – Tresor. 167Germany2001Germany2001
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    Cover of EXP, 2001-03-15, FileEXP
    13×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Tresor – Tresor 167Germany2001Germany2001
    Cover of EXP, 2001, VinylEXP
    2×12", Promo, White Label, Stamped
    Tresor – Tresor 167Germany2001Germany2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of EXP, 2023-01-00, VinylEXP
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Reissue, 180g
    Tresor – Tresor. 167Germany2023Germany2023


    • TommyTbird1962's avatar
      Why put the songs from Angel Gate instead of releasing this album as whole with its original tracks?
      • bati's avatar
        Excellent quality eternal techno record.
        Where future funk meets quality sound structure.
        Highly recommended for brainheadz.
        • shanghai.ultra's avatar
          This is the best techno album in history. Still sounds fresh nearly 17 years later.
          • iltman's avatar
            One of the most underrated techno albums. A 3x12" with all tracks on the CD would have been better.
            • jourdain's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              Shufflemaster delivers a trademark album for the German Tresor label, fast, a lot of percussion, toms and some ambient soundscapes. When you put the cd in your player, you are inmediately being welcomed by EXP, a though percussive track which doesn't really change during the 5 minute trip, sometimes a percussion layer is been added or removed, sometimes the balance moves, nice track though, the same goes for track 2. The Ambient soundscapes begin in track 4: Fourthinter. A really deep sound with some drivin' percussion, nice composition. Fourthinter flows into Imageforum with the same soundscape. Opaqueness is a really sick tune if you are gonna hear this on full power: a minimal acid-like theme on the background with sick hard and weird percussion, and halfway down the track a dark and mysterious ambient soundscape add's a lot mystery. The other tracks are good and though, some are experimental like 'Dawn Purple', some very minimal like 'Experience', it's a strong album.

              Great mastering and some sick tracks. Tatsuya did a great job on this one.

              • detjagvet's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                I listen to all kinds of music and have a lot of records but this is the one that very rarely leave my cd-player. DJ Shufflemasters kicks and beats are the finest and most well-planned, like, ever. You can here the japaneese rhythm in his tunes. The monotonous deepness with the short hihats as light.
                The sound of this album is like it is handmade live.
                This is one of the best techno-albums. Ever.
                • Ylang's avatar
                  I just can't belive that thera is no comment for this (Shuffle)masterwork of Tokyo genius.For me this is the best album Tresor ever released,head to head with Ruskin's ½Point 2½.The first track ½EXP½ is a joy to mix.Very simple, all with perfectly sincopated swooshing sound and wooden kick witch doubles itself on points 2,4etc.A little flanger in the last minute and the track finishes.A2 is again a track thet instantly puts a smile on your face.One sound thet pops in right behind the kick (like that conga in Surgeon's ½La real½)is a brilliant deep trackleader.Percusions go from zero to top and at their peak point Tatsuya rolls the track backwards and here we go again from 0.The best track on the album.B1 & 2 are made from the same samples and are connected with a gentle mellody.Both good.½Opaqueness½is not to be heard on cheap speakers.The deeeeeep,deep bassline reveals Shufflemaster as a true bass programing boy wonder.With the same percusion trick like in the A2,a great sound that opens the changes and mighty widness I rate it as a second best track hera.D1 will mesmerise you with it unique main sound and for you funky tekno lovers there's the last track in Bailey style.If you don't boy the album after reading this please contact me so I can make you an appointment for electrick chair :)

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