Kevin MorbyCity Music



Come To Me Now4:50
Aboard My Train3:19
Dry Your Eyes4:11
City Music6:46
Tin Can3:33
Caught In My Eye4:49
Night Time6:07
Pearly Gates3:50
Downtown's Lights4:23

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    Cover of City Music, 2017, CDCity Music
    CD, Album, Promo
    Dead Oceans – DOC13120172017
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    Cover of City Music, 2017-06-00, VinylCity Music
    LP, Album, Club Edition, White & Orange Tie-Dye
    Dead Oceans – DOC131US2017US2017
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    Cover of City Music, 2017, VinylCity Music
    LP, Album
    Dead Oceans – DOC131USA & Europe2017USA & Europe2017
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    Cover of City Music, 2017, CDCity Music
    CD, Album
    Dead Oceans – DOC131US2017US2017
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    Cover of City Music, 2017, CDCity Music
    CD, Album, Digipack
    Dead Oceans – DOC131US2017US2017
    New Submission
    Cover of City Music, 2017-07-05, CDCity Music
    CD, Album
    Dead Oceans – HSE-6438, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited – 4582214516660Japan2017Japan2017
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    • gayshatemath's avatar
      Plenty of surface noise and boy does this disk play softly. I have to crank my receiver volume up for a listening experience similar to other records, which just highlights the noise present here.
      • jmrathgeber's avatar
        This record sounds excellent, I think I got it for like $7 a couple years ago. For the price this goes for, it should be in everybody's collection. Morby forever! :)
        • barefootmeshback's avatar
          To echo what the other reviews are saying, great record but terrible pressing. Big, loud, clicks mean I don't listen to it very often. I'm usually not that fussy with surface noise but these are really loud, like deep scratches on a thrift store record.
          • anduine's avatar
            My copy sounds beautiful, no noise, no warping either - its perfectly flat. I had not heard of Kevin Morby prior to getting this as the ROTM, very much enjoy listening to it - its been getting decent air time at my house. He does have a Dylan quality, that at first I wasn't sure I'd like since I never really cared much for Dylan, but Kevin certainly has his own sound.
            • jsengland's avatar
              I agree this pressing is poor. Mine is noisy, and the vinyl's edge is ragged and sharp. Dead Oceans has amazing artists, but the label needs to start taking its vinyl more seriously.
              • tyronemilton's avatar
                Free download comes with bonus track "Flannery" squeezed in as track 6.
                • angry_son's avatar
                  Poor pressing. Clicks and pops audible between songs and during quieter parts. Replaced once and the second copy was the same. Bearable but it doesn't do justice to such a good album.
                  • notec's avatar
                    this recording requires a quiet pressing and Dead Oceans is not good at all pressing quiet, flat vinyl
                    • TheNotorious305's avatar
                      This is a wonderful album, and an equally impressive pressing. Very nice, clear, and warm, with no surface noise. Thick, probably 180g vinyl. It might have been the tiniest bit warped judging by my stylus' movement. Despite this, it truly plays as good as I could ask of a record. And I can only speak for my copy, but it is a beautiful, unique, and classy looking record (and package).

                      Vinyl Me, Please doesn't always kill it, but more often than not, they have this ability to introduce me to some really incredible artists. This is definitely one of those times. Also, for what it's worth, I like the art print that came with this one too. The album notes and lyrics booklet are also an awesome touch, adding super cool backstory to what I felt was already a superb album.

                      Can't recommend this one high enough.
                      • TheAmnesiacKid's avatar
                        Edited 6 years ago
                        Clicking on Side A for me. Not a bad listen, music-wise... I'm still kind of put off by the Dylan/Reed impersonation... But he could grow on me, I suppose. Pretty looking colored wax as is customary with these VMP ROTM releases.

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