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    Cover of Laptop Cafe, 2017-07-00, VinylLaptop Cafe
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album
    Clone Aqualung Series – CAL008Netherlands2017Netherlands2017
    Cover of Laptop Cafe, 2017-06-30, VinylLaptop Cafe
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album, Limited Edition, Clear Blue
    Clone Aqualung Series – CAL008Netherlands2017Netherlands2017
    Cover of Laptop Cafe, 2017-07-28, FileLaptop Cafe
    6×File, WAV, Mini-Album
    Clone Aqualung Series – CAL008Netherlands2017Netherlands2017
    Cover of Laptop Cafe, 2017-07-28, FileLaptop Cafe
    6×File, ALAC, Mini-Album
    Clone Aqualung Series – CAL 008Netherlands2017Netherlands2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Laptop Cafe, 2023, VinylLaptop Cafe
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album, Repress, Coloured
    Clone Aqualung Series – CAL008Netherlands2023Netherlands2023
    New Submission



    • horizontalhold's avatar
      I've had this since it was released, and back then I was NOT into it. Now I wonder wtf was I thinking?? It has grown on me immensely. It's like a looser, jammy version of "Lifestyles...". Which is honestly thrilling to hear. It's not only an interesting perspective into James' work, but the sounds, compositions, and vibe are just incredible. I'm just now realizing, at times, it sounds a lot like a cross between The Other People Place and Actress.
      • kakaok's avatar
        Edited 8 months ago
        Well I,m really ashamed of myself. Because I didn't consider it as the storm let it call alone, when it appeared. It's not only the STORM but most probably it's the FINAL STORM. Aside from final narrative Song 04 is most probably about Lahaina fires.
        Laidback storm lightning the end of the world we know.
        The Storm Called Laptop Cafe! Clone is GENIUS!
        This is inspiring MACHINE. Maybe even the most significant of them all, was there even already nine, as announced?
        • dynamodreesen's avatar
          i cant hear anything missing , its a fantastic record :) !!!
          • dpfrag's avatar
            Have mixed feelings on this release. It feels very much unfinished or like a private sketch that was never meant to be heard. It's fascinating to hear something less than perfect from James Stinton and in that sense it's worth a listen, to get a feel of the process his mixes would go through... but without this context a lot of this release feels haphazard and unintentionally wonky.
            • Droid_82's avatar
              I think this release will grow on people in time. It's definitely a more experimental sound compared to the previous Lifestyles release. I find this is more of a listeners album than anything else. I too can hear the jazz influences in this, it's just such a shame we won't get to hear how this may have evolved even further. I do hope that we get some more releases like this from old DATs etc, even the rough stuff would be interesting to hear.
              • lerosa's avatar
                From the point of view of a producer familiar with Stinson's body of work nothing here strikes me as draft/sketch material. This works seems to be in the same vein as the other people place and confirms Stinson's aim of keeping on experimenting. Jazz themes in both sound palette and improvisational approach are all here, stretched further than the previous release. There are (sadly) plenty of other current producers re-treading the Drexciya production sounds either as hommage or rip-off but certainly you wouldn't expect Stinson to bother you with that. A solid soulful release re-imagining jazz from a very personal perspective.
                • moogacid's avatar
                  adding myself to the list of people who really rate this release
                  ok, it's a bit looser + madder than other people place, but that shouldn't upset the reasonable listener...lovely, trippy, spacy shit
                  • Fat_controller's avatar
                    great music, simple as, I dont know whats the big idea with everyone else
                    • Spanka's avatar
                      This is great stuff! Don’t mind the haters. Sit down in the sun, smoke a reefer and you’ll hear something great!
                      • jack_all's avatar
                        Edited 5 years ago
                        i understand why ppl like this and see it as welcome addition to the "drexciya canon". but i share the sentiment that it wouldn´t have passed the high quality standards of his/their other material - and of course i can only judge by what was actually authorised to be released by the man himself. so there is this bitter aftertaste of commercializing artists post mortem with releases that would have never seen the light of day in that form - my only hope is clone will pass on all revenues to his family at least. ...same story as with the backwards sessions by coil.

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