Pussycat (4) - Le Chat Benzebuth26

July 19, 2017
referencing Le Chat, 12", AC 1021
Hahahahahahaha lyrics are soooooo wtf, it's a classic french bawdy song and means : "touch the pussycat of the neighboor", we usually sing that when we're drunk :D

In french we say : "Toucher la chatte à la voisine", I can hear the singer is not french...

Pussycat (4) - Le Chat MyMine

September 14, 2013
referencing Le Chat, 12", AC 1021
Dear new reader. the statistics here is lying as usual, click on the youtube clip and be ready to LAUGH!!!!

Pussycat (4) - Le Chat as reviewed by magic00

January 6, 2007
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Le Chat, 12", AC 1021

Beautiful and marvelous are two nice words to describe this italo disco masterpiece! Female French vocals on a very slippery vibe make this one of the very best releases on Ace Records and just about any Italian label for that matter. Per the usual with the best of italo, it's obscure and generally unknown to the world today. For those collectors who either have the 12" or know this song, you're in the top tier of italo disco mania, circa 2007!

Pussycat (4) - Le Chat Ianstan

September 18, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
referencing Le Chat, 12", AC 1021

Also, that jacket photo is hilarious.