Seizure And Desist2:37
Obedience School2:49
Bela Lugosi's Dead2:33
Divine Filth2:19
Grave Slave1:59
The Future Has Been Cancelled2:17
Gag Reflex4:21
Church Of The Motherfuckers3:24

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    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017-08-04, CDDead Cross
    CD, Album, Digi-wallet
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193, Three One G (31G) – #93US2017US2017
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017-07-31, VinylDead Cross
    LP, 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Gold
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193LPUS2017US2017
    Needs Changes
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017-07-31, VinylDead Cross
    LP, 45 RPM, Album, Red/Black Swirl
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193LPUS2017US2017
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Dead Cross , 2017-07-31, FileDead Cross
    10×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193LPUS2017US2017
    Recently Edited
    Dead Cross
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Ipecac Recordings (2) – IPC-193, Three One G (31G) (2) – #93Russia2017Russia2017
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017, CDrDead Cross
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193Europe2017Europe2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017, CDrDead Cross
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Ipecac Recordings – noneUK2017UK2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2017-04-03, VinylDead Cross
    LP, 45 RPM, Album, Test Pressing
    Ipecac Recordings – IPC193LPUS2017US2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Dead Cross, 2018-02-22, CDDead Cross
    CD, Album, Paper Sleeve
    Hostess Entertainment Unlimited – HSE-4200, Ipecac Recordings – IPC193Japan2018Japan2018
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    • starryyyyy's avatar
      wondering if this will get a repress. just glad i grabbed a copy while it was still relatively cheap
      • getcapewearcape's avatar
        Has anyone else played this at 33 rpm? It’s a whole new beast!
        • NorthernVoidRecords's avatar
          Love the content of the album, but my copy was warped. The first 2 tracks on Side A were borderline unplayable. I traded it in and the other one was only slightly less warped. May be playable with a counterweight but haven't tried it yet.
          • FatWreckChords's avatar
            I really hated this at first until I realized it's 45RPM lol.
            • scoop16's avatar
              Most grateful for all the comments here, and across the pages of this release because they prompted me to pull the trigger and buy this on vinyl. The vinyl really does sound so much better than the digital release. The bottom end is just beefier and the packaging is just stunning.
              • andgomorra's avatar
                i thought i had heard CRAZY and INSANE recorded on CD... then walked into best buy in kansas city to check out the new apple homepod. i was checking out some music in the CD section, as i hear BB is getting ready to stop selling them unfortunately, and walk over to the apple section. i touch the home pod and say, "hey sir, play me some dead cross."

                what follows sent people running.

                i dont even know what song the homepod began playing but it was pure sonic chaos.

                i ran to the cashier and forked over the $8.99 and walked out of the store, still letting siri blast some dead cross.
                • bliv's avatar
                  Edited 6 years ago
                  Either the matrix codes are wrong, or I have a different variant: mine say "IPC-193-B #2 and IPC-193-A #2", so the "LP" is missing. The gold version has the same matrix format, so I think there's a mistake here, copied from the catalog number, which does have the "LP". If I'm right, this should be corrected.
                  • freakenfurter's avatar
                    Edited 6 years ago
                    My release doesn't contain a download card. Anyone else having the same issue ?
                    • ballptpentheif's avatar
                      Hardcore LP masters are always a mixed bag and this one is no different. Clearly the album is amazing so this review is really just an observation on the mastering for the record versus the digital as well as a review of the packaging.

                      The packaging for this LP is sick and well thought out. What looks like a simple hand drawn image of a skeletal christ figure turns out to be a textured glow in the dark graphic. The inside liner notes are glow in the dark as well, textured in a way where they visually look like they are floating behind the dead cross graphic art. When you first notice the illusion it's hypnotizing.

                      The gold vinyl record itself looks great with minimal and barely visible warping that doesn't effect the playback. There were stray vinyl shavings on the edges of the record but a quick wipe with a rag cleared them away.

                      Audio wise there was some slight surface noise with a whooshing sound in the right ear. Obviously none of this is audible during the gnar thrash of the songs.

                      Musically there is a noticeable difference between this master and the digital version with some give and take for either version. On the digital version Patton's vocals are piercing, upfront in the mix and Lombardo's drums are compressed extending no louder than Patton's vocals. On the vinyl, all the guitars and Patton's vocals sound compressed and smooshed into each other stripping the piercing highs from Patton's vocals while creating an almost flat sound. Conversely though, Lombardo's drums on the record are dynamic and big with a concussive bass punch and full dynamic range that you don't get on the digital version. Soundstage wise you hear the whole arrangement condensed and localized in one area while Lombardo's drums sort of tap dance around you and kick in your sides.

                      In theory, I would have wanted more wide spatial distance in the arrangement but this mix is sort of a treat in the way that it is very Lombardo centric.
                      • ClassA's avatar
                        Jesus Christ, what an album. I was excited when Dead Cross was announced and then when Patton joined I was filled with more anticipation. I tried to avoid the preview clips as much as possible as I always like sitting down on release day with a fresh slab of vinyl and sitting down to give it a spin or 3.
                        The package is top class, sleeve is of a high quality, the glow in the dark feature is a great gimmick, especially the lyrics inside the gatefold. Gold vinyl looks cool, mine has a slight warp in it, plays fine but am trying to get it changed anyway.
                        Onto the music. It really is top notch. Justin Pearson & Michael Crain bring the riffs and bass with great power. They provide the hardcore sound to this perfectly. Lombardo sounds like he did in 80's Slayer, tight and aggressive. Perfect.
                        Predictably the star of the show is Patton though. This guy is 100% the best vocalist of all time in my opinion. We all know his vocal range and the styles he can pull off with ease so I am not going to go on and on. On Dead Cross he sits in the region of his FNM classic such as Jizzlobber, Ugly in the Morning and Cukoo for Caca. He is not limited to that though. There are harmonies and much more too.

                        Grab a copy and go see them on tour.

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