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    Cover of dc15, 2002-03-01, CDrdc15
    CDr, Album, Limited Edition
    DeepChord – dc15US2002US2002
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    Cover of dc15, 2011, CDrdc15
    CDr, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    DeepChord – dc15US2011US2011
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    • bumbanana's avatar
      Mike Schommer: "Each release has a unique story behind it for sure, but the most memorable experience was my last release on Deepchord Records (DC15). I mixed this full-length project at the Crown Motel on Woodward/McNichols in Detroit. This motel was a class A dump! The only people that were crazy enough to rent rooms from the Crown were prostitutes, drug addicts, and dub techno musicians. After talking with the attendant, Rod and I drove into the courtyard to find hookers and various drug dealings taking place. At that point, I knew it was the perfect place to mix my project. It took us about thirty minutes to haul my PS3100 and a pile of esoteric equipment into a ground level motel room. I was concerned with all that gear going back and forth between the car and room, but most people were bewildered as to what was going on. They probably thought we were hauling in antique telephone equipment or something (until the windows started to rattle!) With all of my gear spread out over the nasty stained up motel bed (patch cables running everywhere), I flung open the heavy drapes and overlooked the magnificent Crown Motel courtyard, cranked the speakers, and began mixing the depressing grit and grime of the transient life that was before my eyes. As I was recording, the environment became impregnated into the music much like the stains in the permanently soiled carpets of the motel room floor."
      • ledug94's avatar
        Hello everybody,
        Just a few words to tell you i got my copy in 2007 and it was a cardboard sleeve with a small rectangular sticker on it. The 2011 version (that i also bought) is definitely a cdr.
        I don't know about the files but the cd itself looks a bit different from my original copy.
        This gem should be on vinyl!
        • aortomus's avatar
          Edited 7 years ago
          Ok, so the word on the street is that the CDr that dropped circa 2011 may be a modified version of the 'original' files. The origins of both are not clear but the 2011 version may have been an inside job.

          There was (is) a 192 Kbps version that has been out there for years. A FLAC is out there of the 2011 CDr release but a 192 Kbps conversion from this is different both audibly and under analysis from the older version that was floating around.

          The 150 units listed here currently are from the 2011 release. The origins of the original 192 file remain a mystery. In short: there are two 'versions' of the dc15 files out there (not to mention thaneco's whack homemade bootlegs).

          The original release was estimated by Mike Schommer himself to have been between 40-50 units sold via mail order. Not sure when, if ever, these have ever actually seen the light of day here.

          Update: released digitally on Mike Schommer's Bandcamp page. Should put all this to rest.
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            Edited 7 years ago
            Interesting that one of the sellers (who, by the way, changed the Style to Hip-House thus indicating obliviousness to what this release is) suddenly has a plethora of these to sell for roughly half of their usual, and rare, selling price. Four by this seller have sold since June 9, 2016 and he has one more up for sale. I smell handmade bootleg.

            Listing and seller profile pulled: be wary of any CDr he sells and be aware that some bootlegs may have now entered the marketplace.

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