Be On Go10:03
Patricia... Our Happy...5:39
Mad Crickets6:49
Trip In Transkei6:00

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    Cover of Equator, 1999-03-12, CDEquator
    CD, Album
    Spirit Zone Recordings – SPIRIT ZONE 051Germany1999Germany1999
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    Cover of Equator, 1999, VinylEquator
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Album
    Spirit Zone Recordings – SPIRIT ZONE 051Germany1999Germany1999
    Cover of Equator, 1999, CassetteEquator
    Cassette, Album
    Outside Media – OUT 026Poland1999Poland1999
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Equator, 1999, VinylEquator
    2×LP, Album, White Label
    Spirit Zone Recordings – SPIRIT ZONE 51Germany1999Germany1999
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    Cover of Equator, 1999, CassetteEquator
    Cassette, Album
    Wizard (4) – WSZ 200.520Bulgaria1999Bulgaria1999
    New Submission
    Cover of Equator, 2000, CDEquator
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Spirit Zone Recordings (2) – SPIRIT ZONE 051, Generation X Records – DR-128Russia2000Russia2000


    • doctorg's avatar
      Etnica here develops their style away from melodic Goa trance, going in a harder direction. Whilst still recognisably Goa, this album strips away many of the kaleidoscopic layers of their previous fabulous work, replacing them with sharper beats and adding a layer of ambience via field recordings and trippy noises, often buried far in the background. Moreover, Etnica begin to dabble in less positive and ecstatic feelings than had previously characterised their work; here there are elements of darkness, melancholy, panic, etc. The result is a trippy album, highly psychoactive and enjoyable. I particularly appreciate the dubby and epic elements of "History", which the other reviewers note is a tremendous track and the peak of the album. Overall, I think this is a good record, in many ways the culmination of Etnica's discography. After this it is Etnica rip I'm afraid to say. ~*~
      • tbe_tibo's avatar
        Back in the days most of us kinda got disappointed with this release as we were expecting something similar to the previous albums but retrospectively, 20 years after it was released, one can say Equator was actually a good album. 1999 was a year when most Goa Trance producers decided to do something else probably more mainstream / techno as, like you and me, they needed an income. A few of them (like Etnica) were successful in still producing nice music and Equator is good example of this.
        My rating: 4/5
        • chimushi's avatar
          Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then.
          • Voggl242's avatar
            the ambient tracks are pretty good. However, most of the trance tracks are really annoying and hard to listen to. Etnica became really agressive here and also on later releases. Not my cup of tea. The ambient is much better..
            • oldgoaerectus's avatar
              would like to say that i was very disappointed and i some way sad the day i received this cd long time ago in 1999.....
              i really thought listen the first 4 track i was deceived...hahahahaha! lol!
              but let me say the intense feelings and goose bumps when i discovered the real gem inside: HISTORY...
              man, this is really a fucking real Epic track! what can i also to say.........
              Vibra is a very good track too...........
              • 2trancentral's avatar
                Played this once when it came out, and never again of course. The biggest crap from Etnica ever, terrible album.
                • BasicGrooves's avatar
                  So, the third album from Etnica. What can I say. I bought Alien Protien and Equator at the same time. Other reviews made me think that Equator is a much better album than Alien Protien.
                  When I listen to a couple of albums I prever to save the best for last. So after putting on my headphones and laying myself down I pressed the "play" button and Alien Protien started. Halelujah! This is probably one of the most intense acid goa I've ever heard! Super, with lots of things going on. Great album! Now it's time for Equator. So now I'm thinking: "This must be the best album ever", but unfortunately Equator is completely different. It's more chill-like goa trance, hardly any acid sounds in the first couple of tracks.

                  The album is nice and for sure worth a couple of dollars for purchasing it, but if you like goa with a little more power then I strongly recommend Alien Protien, because for me this is way more intense to listen to.
                  • microphono's avatar
                    Edited 15 years ago
                    Yes this album is something special as it shows a more experimental and trippy-tribal ambient side of Etnica.

                    In addition there is this track "History" placed in the center of the album as it surely is the very heart of it.
                    "History" is a presidential premium trance epos of a track that will prevail the meaning of its own title.
                    Positive mysticism, full of love and light, seducing you to dance like a poem of Jalal Ad'Deen Rumi, it works its way to your heart and develops and grows. To those who believe in it, it will surely reveal its strong psychedelic power at a point where they least expect it;-)
                    "The alien ship is on its way to rendez-vous with history..." the voice sample says and BANG!!! take off!
                    Compared to this the following two dance tracks (6 & 7) are pieces of crap but who wants to compare the absolute?
                    "Oh my god! They're really from another world!"

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