Polkadot Blues3:03
Speed Stick2:06
Velvet Peel2:20

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    Cover of Polyfolk Dance: 2 Track Upfront, 2008-12-05, FilePolyfolk Dance: 2 Track Upfront
    2×File, MP3, Sampler, Limited Edition, 320 kbps
    Warp Records – WAP261DXUK2008UK2008
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Polyfolk Dance, 2009-01-26, CDPolyfolk Dance
    CD, EP
    Warp Records – WAP261CDUK2009UK2009
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Polyfolk Dance, 2009-01-26, VinylPolyfolk Dance
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Warp Records – WAP261UK2009UK2009
    Cover of Polyfolk Dance, 2009-01-26, FilePolyfolk Dance
    6×File, FLAC, EP
    Warp Records – WAP 261CDDUK2009UK2009
    New Submission
    Cover of Polyfolk Dance, 2009-01-26, CDPolyfolk Dance
    CD, EP
    Warp Records – BRWAP-261, Beat Records – BRWAP-261Japan2009Japan2009
    New Submission



    • Flowie1's avatar
      Now it's even 421 owners of at least one copy out of a 400 copy-edition, something's really wrong here...
      • djbackup's avatar
        397 have this? Limited to 400 copies? I have 4 pieces at home. Sth is wrong...
        • matthewonemoretune's avatar
          Polkadot Blues is, in my opinion, a seminal track for electronic music - "glitchy" (yuck!) yet inherently simple and playful. The other tunes are great but take a little longer to adjust to, Yonard being my second favourite. Not all great music need be this cerebral, staccato or sample based but this EP is gold.
          • mickchillage's avatar
            Edited 14 years ago
            I purchased this release on the strength of warps almost 20 year pedigree & don't get me wrong I'm not someone who longs just for the early days of artificial intelligence etc, I always trust & welcome their new direction's. On listening to this release, it immediately struck me that I was listening to something that could be described as novelty idm [ please excuse this term ] which probably will have no longevity what so ever & I felt that by now the whole global electronic music community would have gotten bored with this kind of humorous digitally mashing up take on hip hop & dance etc ??? my only concern regarding this kind of sound would be how time consuming it is creating all the edits & detail, which lets face it, would you really want to go back & listen to it even one year from now ??

            Now where's my copy of surfing on sine waves ?

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