Anthony RotherSex With The Machines



Human Made6:22
Sex With The Machines5:52
Basic Level4:44
Love Is For The Hardest People7:03
Describe Reality10:40
Past Represents The Future3:38

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    Cover of Sex With The Machines, 1997-11-01, VinylSex With The Machines
    LP, Album
    Kanzleramt – KAAR 1Germany1997Germany1997
    Cover of Sex With The Machines, 1997-11-01, CDSex With The Machines
    CD, Album
    Kanzleramt – KAAR 1 CDGermany1997Germany1997
    Sex With The Machines
    LP, Album, Test Pressing, White Label
    Kanzleramt – KAAR 1Germany1997Germany1997
    New Submission
    Cover of Sex With The Machines, 2016-09-00, FileSex With The Machines
    6×File, WAV, Album, Reissue
    Psi49net – noneGermany2016Germany2016
    Cover of Sex With The Machines, 2016-09-00, FileSex With The Machines
    6×File, ALAC, Album, Reissue
    Psi49net – noneGermany2016Germany2016
    New Submission



    • drgiggles's avatar
      Edited one month ago
      This is definitely the highlight of Anthony Rother's catalog in my opinion and many others opinion's as well. He must have been super inspired or these were the absolute best tracks he had made at that time, 5 tracks that are pretty close to masterpieces with the exception being the last track on side b which is more of a intro or filler or transition track with no beats. This is reaching absolute top shelf level of electro sharing the space with tracks like The Final Frontier by UR or some various AFX - tracks on various Analord releases, as well as timeless classics like Al-Naafiysh by Hashim and Numbers by Kraftwerk. Each one of the 5 electro masterpieces Anthony Rother created on this record would definitely put a spike in a mixed set, whether to change the mood, make a statement, or to be used as a track to take things really deep, or even deeper. These tracks will for sure catch a lot of people's interest if they have never heard them.
      • deep_bleep's avatar
        Incredible album. A repress is surely worthy

        a b c
        • HEKKATRON's avatar
          Absolute benchmark release , authentic heavweight Underground Electro ,built to last.
          • m44-7's avatar
            halfway between dopplereffekt and kraftwerk, an excellent release by Anthony Rother. Be careful with the disc though, all copies ive ever heard or seen were heavily off-centre and these tracks should be played back with no pitch fluctuation.
            • devin306's avatar
              You've got no work
              Because of me
              I'm a machine
              I never sleep
              • Un-J's avatar
                What I wanted anything called electro in the 1990s to be as good as and to sound like.
                • ThaPrinz's avatar
                  it's been 20 years now, really time for a vinyl repress !
                  • Hans_Arp
                    My favor is basic level. It still sounds futuristic, great and fit perfect to the videos on the "Space Night" by the Bavarian tv-station.
                    • Bell_03's avatar
                      Indeed, a true classic among classics if I ever saw one. 20 years? Oh, my.
                      • juansoto10's avatar
                        20 years from now this will be still be hot.

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