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Incantation For Inanimate Object
Spinning Dance
Pass Through The Fire
Each Moment Like The First
The Beginning & End Of The World
Thunder Moon Gathering
The Animal Spirits
The Neverending
Go Gladly Into The Earth

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4 versions
Cover of The Animal Spirits, 2017-11-03, VinylThe Animal Spirits
2×12", Album
Border Community – 50 BCLPUK2017UK2017
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Cover of The Animal Spirits, 2017-11-03, CDThe Animal Spirits
CD, Album
Border Community – 50BCCD, [PIAS] UK – 50BCCDUK2017UK2017
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Cover of The Animal Spirits, 2017-11-03, FileThe Animal Spirits
9×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Border Community – 50BCCDDUK2017UK2017
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Cover of The Animal Spirits, 2017, CDThe Animal Spirits
CD, Album, Promo
Border Community – noneUK2017UK2017
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adam01's avatar
Edited 11 months ago
This LP is a mesmerizing and inspiring work of sonic art. It takes a multitude of sounds, genres and intentions and blends them all together, producing a wonderful listening experience.

Sides A and C are reminiscent of the esthetics and stylist approaches found/heard on Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew".
Sides B and D are simply some of the most psychedelic, groundbreaking and emotional music offerings to be produced. Seriously, "Each Moment Like The First" and "The Neverending" will transform one's waking moment into an instant transcendental moment of open-minded oneness.

Oh, and the cover art is pretty nice too...
simon_vrebos's avatar
This is a record The Cinematic Orchestra should have made. Best album of 2017.